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How to Teach ROLAT skating and weight loss and calories - teaching skating and skating equipment

Roller skating can be very entertaining, but useful. First of all you need equipment for skating. Roljanje is one way to lose weight, but that way you burn calories. Here are a few tips to learn to roller skating.

Roller skating can be very entertaining, but useful. Here are a few tips to learn roller skating ... First, it is important to buy rolls that suit you. Bind roll properly. Start slowly, get up and follow along the wall. Youll notice how much more difficult role than normal shoes. For starters its good to know that you can hold, therefore, try to take some steps holding the wall. In the first steps to get to know well the difference between skating and walking. Be sure to pay attention to how to activate the brakes, because when they rolled our same movements as you walk around constantly to activate the brakes and probably fell. Patiently and slowly learn to roller skating, because when you learn the basic skills of rolling, you can go to learn and turn. When you turn youll have to learn to fully control the direction of your body. Slight slope and the true position of both feet are crucial when performing this maneuver.

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