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Itchy skin, the term Morgellons

They all complain about the injury to the skin, accompanied by intense itching and a white, blue, green, red and black fibers coming from the wound THERES DISEASE

Morgellons? This is an issue in recent years been the focus of several programs of CNN, ABC and NBC, and he recently wrote about the mysterious illness and British popular-science magazine New Scientist. Morgellons term coined in 2001. The American biologist Mary Leitao when the skin of his then two-year son, Drew noticed the rash and sores. At the beginning of the doubt to the itching, but soon discovered that the wound is output fibers. Contacted by a dermatologist, but they all have concluded that the fibers come from the children or her clothes. Looking for information searched the literature and in the book of the 17th Century, by Thomas Browne, found the term Morgellons. Namely, that in the past called the disease is characterized by skin lesions from which they came out black fibers. To reveal the causes of mysterious illnesses, Mary Leitao founded the Research Foundation Morgellons Disease (MRF). Foundation has so far emerged several thousand people from around the world, claiming to have symptoms of the disease. They all complain about the injury to the skin, accompanied by intense itching and a white, blue, green, red and black fibers coming from the wound. They say that sometimes have the feeling that beneath their skin crawling bugs and parasites that they sting or bite. However, many complain about chronic fatigue, muscle aches and joint pain, and cognitive abilities. Most doctors, however, claims that Morgellons is a disease of the skin, but the psyche. - It is not a mysterious disease. When you polled 10,000 dermatologists, everyone would agree with me - he told the British daily Times Dr. Norman Levine, professor of dermatology at the University of Arizona. Levine said that he had a hundred patients who had sued the Morgellons symptoms and all have successfully responded to treatment that is commonly used to treat schizophrenia. Specifically, Levine, just like most doctors, holding that the disease Morgellons actually iluzijska parasitism. This is a hipohondrijskoj psychosis in which patients claim to have parasites in their body that go through the skin. Although most doctors and scientists claims that Morgellons is a psychological disease, several scholars have recently considered that the disease may still be associated with bacteria. In an article published in 2006. The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology authors state that many patients who claim to have Morgellons disease, were positive for the bacterium Borrelia burgdorfgeri. This bacterium transmitted by ticks, and it is the causative agent of Lyme disease, skin disease which manifests itself in the later stage of neurological disorders. Some researchers, however, see a possible culprit in Agrobacterium used in the production of genetically modified plants. To avoid speculation, experts of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, decided in November to run the epidemiological investigation of Morgellons disease. Such an investigation should ultimately result in the clarification of the mystery of Morgellons.

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