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Otitis symptoms

Acute ear infections usually cause severe pain and are usually accompanied by fever

Ear infections often occur in children who are too young to be able to describe how they feel. In addition, some of the signs of an ear infection, such as fever and insomnia, may be due to many other illnesses. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to detect ear infections. It may help if you know what I need. It should be borne in mind that ear infections often develop immediately after a cold and your child will have the most pain during the first 24 hours after infection develops. Infants suffering from pain will be apathetic and their wages will vary from crying when hungry or tired. As a parent you probably well know the different cries of their child. Young children may rub or pull the ears and do not respond to sounds. Although this may be a sign of fluid buildup in the middle ear, it is not always a sign of an ear infection. Acute ear infections usually cause severe pain and are usually accompanied by fever. Other signs and symptoms may include loss of appetite, dizziness or imbalance. Older children may complain of ear pain or a feeling of fullness and pressure in the ear.

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