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Increased blood fat levels

Bacon when calibration eating bacon can be considered a superfood. Nearly half the fat content of bacon are monosaturirane, which means that lower blood kolestreola.

When one says superfoods, usually referring to the exotic fruits like acaija, the garlic, bean sprouts, yogurt and legumes that have a beneficial effect on our health. But can a few slices of bacon, a glass of red wine or a scoop of ice cream do something good for us? More than you think, say researchers based on new research that revealed the hidden benefits of the people of your favorite foods, like chocolate, jam or ice cream. Jam Without doubt, contains high levels of sugar, but there are also some unexpected beneficial health effects. Study of the British Institute of Food Research has shown that pectin, which is used for jelly food can block the development of cancer in the body so that the "hook" protein gal3. It is a protein that causes tumor growth. Bacon When the calibration eating bacon can be considered a superfood. Nearly half the fat content of bacon are monosaturirane, which means that lower blood kolestreola. Monosaturirane These fats come from oleic acid, which is found in olive oil. Ice cream Scoop of ice cream can significantly enhance the gloomy mood. Scientists of the Institute of Psychiatry in London found that one already "Liz" ice cream is sufficient for the stimulation of the brain associated with pleasure that we provide sex and food. Potato If you do not prepare French fries, potato can be very healthy. U.S. scientists have used the krumpirovoj identified 60 different phytochemicals and vitamins, many of which help lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease. In addition, British researchers have discovered that potatoes contain kukoamin substance that lowers blood pressure. Coffee Caffeine dilates blood vessels, which increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. One coffee after a hard day of work or training can reduce pain. Coffee, also stimulates the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that helps in weight loss because it sends a signal to the brain that were full. Chocolate That chocolate increases the concentration of all that we know we must eat before the exam. However, consumption of dark chocolate helps make it easier to solve mathematical equations, the study on a group of volunteers. Specifically, flavonoids, which are abundant in dark chocolate, improve blood circulation and allow oxygen to come quickly to the brain. Furthermore, chocolate stimulates production of neurotransmitters serotonin responsible for the happiness and satisfaction, and the brain releases endorphins, which both have a soothing effect and reduce sensitivity to pain. Would you like another excuse for drinking chocolate, keep in mind that some brands of new and sweet temptations to help in digestion by encouraging the activity of intestinal bacteria. Red wine A recently published study showed that 30 grams of alcohol (a large glass of red wine) may help prevent heart disease. This protective effect, however, no other species alkoholola. Drinking up to two glasses of red wine a day can improve mental abilities. Neurologist Clinton Wright of Columbia University showed that people who enjoy a moderate red wine do better in tests of mental acuity of those who have never tried alcohol.

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