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Salt therapy

Salt therapy is today used in all types of health facilities, spa and wellness centers, spas, rehabilitation centers, hotels, pre-schools and private homes

Once this method was quite unaffordable for most of the urban population, although it was well known and readily practiced since ancient times when the ancient Greeks discovered that the salt mines and salt caves have a good effect on respiratory problems. Even then it is proved that the miners in the salt mines have not suffered from lung disease, a study that led to speleotherapy - a special form that uses only the climatic conditions of the natural salt mines and salt cave. Speleotherapy was effective and inexpensive treatments for people everywhere in the world. Most salt tanks were on territory of the Austrian, Polish, Slovak Republic, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, and the pits still used to treat people and strengthening the body. Because the salt mines are not available in all parts of the world, after years of research physicians and scientists have found ways to create such conditions in the salt caves and salt therapy effectively implemented, and such treatment is called halotherapy. The name comes from the Greek word Halo, which means salt, so you can easily tell that the halotherapy salt treatment. Under the name of therapy has become known throughout the world and entered into force in the salt room.

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