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Symptoms of celiac disease

A simple definition of celiac disease is - an inflammatory disease of the small intestine that is caused by intolerance of gluten from wheat, usually a case of wheat, barley or rye ...

In addition, many do not even know that they have their own. A simple definition of celiac disease is - an inflammatory disease of the small intestine that is caused by intolerance of gluten from wheat, usually a case of wheat, barley or rye. The disease was first observed in children in whom the symptoms were classic such as chronic diarrhea, flatulence, vomiting, all of which resulted in slower progress in growth, and only later realized that that adults can. Total 1:00 to 2:00 per cent of our beautiful country has celiac disease. Information about this difficult and dangerous disease is one of the goals of celiac disease awareness week, which is in Croatia celebrates on 15 to 22 of May. Passion digestion The only cure for celiac disease is a gluten-free discharge from the diet and to - for life. Attempts to some of the symptoms of this disease have been solve medication complete failure because they will further destroy the digestive tract. But gastroenterologinja prof. Dr. Sanja Kolacek, from the Childrens Hospital Zagreb, Klaićeva, stresses that such a classic image of celiac disease are often absent in older children and adults, so it is harder to recognize. Some will only hurt the abdomen, others will have frequent and loose stools, and some of which prison they will result in anemia in 20 to 40 percent of cases, and osteoporosis. The rights will often miss the diagnosis. In short, only 30 to 40 percent of patients have such symptoms that the disease is detected immediately and ask the right diagnosis. The lining of the small intestine is wasted due to allergy to gluten from wheat, so it can not absorb nutrients, which means that a patient becomes seriously ill. In addition, patients with celiac disease who do not comply with gluten free diet is more common cancer of the small intestine, esophagus or throat. - The earlier start to the gluten-free diet that will damage and the consequences of celiac disease will be less - said prof. Dr. Kolacek. Excellent roadmap for those who need a sign issued by the Croatian Society for Coeliac. With a list of prohibited foods is a list of stores where you can buy groceries, and offer recipes for preparing gluten-free foods. Experts warn that genes play an important role in the inheritance of celiac disease. Namely, the possibility that a child has celiac disease 10 times higher if it had close relatives. Ambulance on Rebro In addition, many do not know that and some other autoimmune diseases associated with celiac disease. First of all it relates to diabetes, thyroid disease, even in Down syndrome. Two years ago at the Zagreb Clinical Hospital Center in the Department of Gastroenterology opened the clinic for treatment of celiac disease in adults, which means that patients in one place can, with the diagnosis and get instructions on diet, but also to control the disease is desirable make up every six months . In order to deepen the awareness of celiac disease in adults will soon be organized courses for internists just about the disease. Symptoms: - Pain in bones and joints - Diarrhea - Fatigue - Pain in stomach - Rash - Thinness - Tingling in hands and feet

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