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Sun allergies

Initial eruption usually follows the hardness rash, itching, then it occurs, and if it does nothing, the change is commonly involve itself in a few days ...

sun allergies BEACH is undoubtedly the place where most people spend a huge portion of their annual leave. Can anyone not be allergic to the sun? Are well known allergies to certain types of food and some medicines, but the sun is always in some way unfairly leave aside while thinking about the allergies. In fact, there are certain skin reactions unrelated to any external factors, diseases, or sunscreen, and are called intrinsic, ie, the primary type of photodermatoses. Simply put, people with certain forms of photodermatoses develop rashes or other skin changes only after exposure to sunlight. It is assumed that in the background that the answer of your own immune system that some components of the sun-drenched skin recognizes as foreign and initiate an allergic reaction in the form of rashes, blisters or other changes. While people are more prone to burn brighter complexion, sun allergies are not elected - affects people of all skin types. There are many manifestations of primary photodermatoses, and most often occurs so. PMLE ie a form of polymorphic eruption. This is a relatively common condition since it is affected even between 10 and 20 percent of healthy individuals. It usually manifests as an irritating rash with predilekcijskim places on the neck and the folds of the arms and legs, and occurs several hours after sun exposure. Normally, after a full day of sun exposure flushing, rash, and other changes that occurred during the dinner. Initial eruption usually follows the hardness rash, itching, then it occurs, and if it does nothing, the change is commonly involve itself in a few days. It is interesting to point out that a rash of PMLE in a characteristic appearance of insect bites. Primary dermatoses caused by UV-B radiation, which can be blocked using any sunscreen, and UV-A radiation penetrates much deeper into the skin. It is known that it can pass through windows, which explains the occurrence of allergies, for example, driving in the car. Also, certain sunscreens only partially blocks the UV-A rays and are therefore prone to develop in spite of the protection of allergic reactions. Do not forget that these allergies have a tendency to look for in their own families - studies show that up to 50 percent of sun allergy hereditary.

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