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Since it penetrates deeper into the skin, UV-A rays can reach up to melanocytes, the cells that synthesize melanin ...

as we could have assured us that sunscreens can actually protect you from skin cancer? At a time when millions of people flock to the coast to enjoy sunbathing, coming from all over the warnings from experts about the harmfulness of excessive exposure to sunlight. British popular-science magazine New Scientist in one of the last figure is alarming that the number of patients with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, grows faster than of any other forms of cancer. Moreover, experts believe that in the U.S., UK and Australia, the number of patients with melanoma doubling every ten years. Estimates for Croatia says that a year from melanomas affect about 450 people. But every year the number of us suffering from this malignant form of cancer is increasing by eight percent. There is no doubt that people today are more likely to sunbathe than in the past when a tan was a poor indicator of social status. But in the 20th century, everything changed, and it is interesting that the fashion diktat tan launched the legendary Coco Chanel after the holidays with a bronze-skinned back. Own obsession with celebrity designer he wholeheartedly promoted, fifties and sixties has grown into a fashion cult that took place today. But the early nineties, epidemiologists have begun to warn of dramatic rise in the number of cases of skin cancer in some countries, like Australia, which is associated with the ozone hole over the South Pole, which is why ultraviolet radiation (UV) easily penetrates to the Earth. When we talk about our exposure to UV rays, it is meant primarily to UV-A and UV-B rays, and extremely UV-C rays as they currently do not reach the Earths surface. As is well known UV-B rays, whose wavelength of 280-320 nanometers (prefix nano means a billionth of a meter) are absorbed by the surface layers of the skin. One cause darkening of the skin, but due to excessive exposure to UV-B rays to produce redness, dehydration and skin burns. As the experts were once solely focused on UV-B, because their performance quickly see, the older generation of sunscreen are generally protected from these rays so that people could sunbathe for hours, without a burn. But these creams were weak protection against UV-A radiation m. It is an ultra-violet radiation of wavelength 320-400 nanometers, which penetrate deeper into the skin, and their consequences are visible only later. Although scientists can not yet say with certainty, there is growing evidence that it is the UV-A rays associated with the development of melanoma. In fact, since penetrated deeper into the skin, UV-A rays can reach up to melanocytes, the cells that synthesize melanin. It is a pigment that is important in protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. However, sometimes the price is high because it leads to the formation melaninovih radicals which in turn can cause melanoma. But this is a hypothesis that has not yet been firmly established. In any case, experts warn caution. Although the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry almost daily launch new safety devices, it is important to emphasize that there is 100-percent protection from UV rays.

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