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Cellulite and Nutrition

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Cellulite and Nutrition Cellulite is simply part of life - the researchers of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons after they conducted a study that showed that the obnoxious appearance on the female body is incurable and that the weight loss situation can only worsen. The conclusion they came close monitoring of weight loss 29 women who have become slimmer, but with a more pronounced cellulite. Weight loss program involving a low-calorie foods, but also an operation which women were, on average, lost 14 pounds. With the new figure of 17 of them in part to reduce the cellulite, but in nine women detested deposits became even more pronounced. On this issue the best last women who had lost the most weight, which reduced the percentage of fat. One who is removing excess weight brought extra cellulite are women who, prior studies had less weight and were also fewer and lost. - We found that weight loss in obese patients has improved the situation with cellulite, but for some things actually got worse. Cellulite is not specific to overweight people, and the deposits are, it seems, a condition that remains constant in depth, although kilograms going - explains John Kitzmiller, a plastic surgeon and author of the study. The main reason for the more or less cellulite is the elasticity of the skin of patients. Cellulite has become more pronounced in those whose skin after weight loss was much more relaxed.

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