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How to lose weight in a month

Eat carrots, endive, chicory and arugula, which stimulate the excretion of toxins from the body. Fat will dissolve cinnamon, mustard and rosemary.

How to lose weight in a month Holidays usually mean the bombing of the organism massive amounts of food in a short time. Cleaning the body Cakes, turkey, piglets, alcohol, move to the holes on the straps, it is difficult to tie shoelaces ... Now what? - Do not immediately rigorous because the child will depress the fact that the accumulated does not come off easily and in just a few days, as we needed two, three or four pounds of excess - says endocrinologist from KBC Zagreb, prof. Dr. Mirko Koršić. Moreover, when the cold burn more calories because of rapid metabolism. Still not good, but should wait to take serious steps to "clean up" the body. Nutritionists say that success is achieved if one day a week turn to lighter foods, and menu formed so that there was no meat and saturated fat but prefers vegetables and fibrous foods. We will not be hungry, and the body will expel the excess of unwanted substances. For several months, will dissolve the surplus fat. Desirable fresh salads Prof. dr. Dr. Koršić notes that vitamins and minerals to replace seasonal fruits and vegetables. - Particularly good are the various types of lettuce as eaten raw, and thus retained all the necessary ingredients - said prof. Dr. Koršić. The meals must include vegetables such as carrots, radicchio, chicory and rocket salad, which stimulates the excretion of toxins from the body.

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