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Raising self-esteem

Excess weight in the buttocks, hips and thighs protect against heart disease and metabolic problems, scientists say.

Raising self-esteem Big butt is good for health Excess weight in the buttocks, hips and thighs protect against heart disease and metabolic problems, scientists say. The British study found that fat buttocks removes harmful fatty acids and contains anti-inflammatory agent which prevents clogging of the arteries. However, excess weight in the waist, has the same beneficial effects as well as fat cells do not provide the same protection. Scientists hope to soon be able to redirect the body weight in the hips. The results show that the fat in the buttocks and thighs tend to break down than those in the profession. Although it does not sound positive, it is actually good because when fat fast decay caused large amounts of cytokines that cause inflammation in the body. These cytokines are associated with cardiovascular disease, immunity to insulin and diabetes. Fat hips that slower-burning also produce more hormone adiponectin, which protects the arteries and promotes better blood sugar control. The team therefore warns that too little fat in the hips can cause serious metabolic disorders such as Cushings syndrome. Lead researcher Dr Konstantinos Manolopulos the University of Oxford said its important that the body is shaped like a pear and not apple. He added that in a perfect world could accumulate fat in the buttocks while the abdomen remains flat. "Unfortunately not usually go without one another," said

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