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Moderately obese older people are likely to live longer than those of normal weight, according to the Australian study.

adulthood Obese elderly live longer than normal Moderately obese older people are likely to live longer than those of normal weight, according to the Australian study. On the other hand, obesity or excessive thinness shortens life. The report, presented in the journal of the American Geriatric Society, says that keeping the child in later years is not good for health. Experts however point out that regardless of the hernia movement is very important, especially for women. The study was conducted on a sample of 9,200 people older than 70 years. While the young people continue to universal rule that the extra weight slow killer, it seems that it can not be applied to an older population. A team from the University of Western Australia has attempted to identify which body mass index (BMI) is associated with the greatest chance for longevity. Mortality among subjects who at baseline had between 70 and 75 years was followed for ten years. The results showed that slightly overweight people were not only a life-long, but they are also less frequently suffered from cancer, chronic respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease. While doctors previously obese individuals in later years was advised to undergo a diet, Australian experts today say that this is not the best idea. Lead author, Professor Leon Flicker said that for older people clearly apply different rules than the young. - Our study shows that for people 70-and experience relatively healthy, apply a different risks and benefits associated with body fat than the young people said prof. Flicker. But the same study showed that dormant life doubled mortality in women and men has increased by 25 percent.

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