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The menu of healthy eating

Total cholesterol should not be higher than 5 millimoles per liter of blood, a blood pressure of 120/80. Glucose level should be 3-5 millimoles per liter

The menu of healthy eating Seven rules for healthy heart American Heart Association (AHA) for the first time defined the seven simple measures and rules of eating that together they can significantly improve cardiovascular health. It is these diseases are the main cause of death in developed countries. Lower mortality In Croatia, every other deceased died because of heart attack or stroke or other cardiovascular diseases. "If young people and those in middle age in life followed only seven rules would significantly reduce the mortality rate when it comes to cardiovascular disease," says first author of a paper published on the subject in the Journal of the American Heart Association, Dr. Donald M. Lloyd-Jones. So in keeping with the rules of nutrition should not smoke. Body mass index should not exceed 25, for gentle exercises should spend 150 minutes a week, and if they have an intense 75 minutes. Set a goal Total cholesterol should not be higher than 5 millimoles per liter of blood, a blood pressure of 120/80. Glucose level should be 3-5 millimoles per liter. If we add to this diet and the rules that determined the AHA, the quality of life would be significantly increased in old age, says Lloyd-Jones. Anyone who wants to change the habits should first determine how much the values ​​of their blood pressure, blood sugar, weight ... You should then set a goal and approach the recommended values. Proposed by the AHA Nutrition - 4.5 bowls of fruit and vegetables a day - Two or more times a week, 100 grams of fish that are best for salmon or mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can lower triglycerides - Less than 450 calories of sugar in sweet drinks (a can of Coke 330 ml contains 140 calories) per week for those calories should come from healthy foods. Sweet drinks are linked with obesity and high blood pressure - Less than 5 grams of salt per day (Croats are spending three times more) - Three or more times per day, 28 grams of whole grains, which will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and help maintain a healthy weight.

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