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Menstrual Migraine

The cause menstrual migraine is a drop in estrogen that occurs before menstruation ...

With a common migraine, which we all know sometimes catch, often occur, and menstrual migraines. With the usual headaches, they are characterized by weakness, sensitivity to light, and hormonal changes. There are two types of menstrual migraine: menstrual migraine and migraine associated with menstruation. In the first case it is a headache that occurs only during menstruation. Usually occurs two days before menstruation and lasts about three days after the onset of menstruation. This affects fewer headaches part of the female population, approximately 14 percent of them. It is much more frequent and more painful migraines associated with menstruation. Women then did not feel a headache only during menstruation, but the pain can occur in any part of the month. These types of migraines experience last longer and are harder to remove, and experience are about 50 percent of women. How can you help? The cause of menstrual migraine is a drop in estrogen that occurs before menstruation. If you get headaches often write in a diary when they occur, how often and in what intensity. A migraine can consult with your doctor, because there is a possibility that they can amplify the intensity of the contraceptive pill. The first step to a cure, therefore, can be changed contraceptive. Experts say that headaches can be reduced and additional doses of estrogen, which can take about 5 days before menstruation. There are also still available tablets for headache, which is recommended, and drinking lots of water, and hot or cold compress on his head. Some women with menstrual migraine resolved acupuncture.

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