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How to improve your mood, chocolate delight

People who have problems with increased concentration of cholesterol in serum need not be afraid to take the occasional small amounts of chocolate

How to improve your mood, chocolate delight Chocolate regulates blood pressure and improve your mood The mere thought of chocolate causes a pleasant feeling, a story about her is over thousands of years. Mayans were first cultivated 2,600 years ago cocoa. Since cocoa beans, roasted corn, water, chili and other spices are cooked bitter potion chocolatl. Cocoa beans used by itself as money. Culture of cacao took Aztecs and Incas. Cacao was revered as a sacred tree, a link between gods and humans. Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century, cocoa transferred from Mexico. How they chocolatl was too angry and bitter, the recipes were kicked chilli and add sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Over the next hundred years, the recipe for making hot chocolate beverage is kept as top secret Spanish court. Only after the conquest of Cuba and then Haiti, 1694th The French have Karibina planted cocoa plantations. Since then chocolate has become increasingly popular. In the early 18th century Englishmen add chocolate milk and enjoyed as an afternoon drink your favorite "chocolate houses" aka chocolate houses. In the mid 18th century, the Dutch have produced cocoa powder that is much easier to mix with water and milk, and the addition of cocoa butter and powdered sugar made the first solid chocolate. Chocolate in its composition contains invigorating substances such as tannins, theobromine (an ingredient of tea) and caffeine (a cup of chocolate contains about 10 mg, while a small cup of black coffee contains 60-120 mg). Theobromine is a substance that acts as a regulator of blood pressure, relaxes the blood vessels of the heart, triggers the secretion of urine, regulate the nervous system and is useful in cases of anemia. It is therefore understandable why chocolate can be considered a matter that directly or indirectly involved in maintaining our good mood. May eat a little chocolate strengthens concentration and their intellectual abilities. People who have problems with increased concentration of cholesterol in serum need not be afraid to take the occasional small amounts of chocolate. Today it is known that cocoa butter, which makes the basic "oily substance" of chocolate in its composition mainly contains stearic acid. Stearic acid is excluded from the group of lipids that directly generate increased value of the endogenous kolesterola.To saturated fatty acid in the liver rapidly partition into oleic acid ("good" fat) by the greatest amount is found naturally in olive oil. Finally, we must specify an unpleasant effect, which in extreme cases, the border has the ingredients. There were, in fact, cases of addiction to chocolate. This dependence is not even remotely similar to that which can cause alcohol, tobacco or drugs, but it can affect weight gain and inhibition of calcium metabolism. Therefore, the chocolate should be enjoyed - in small doses.

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