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Accelerate metabolism, weight loss tricks

Sudden weight loss is not recommended, nor an expert, but with a little planning it can be the beginning of a long-term plan for healthy eating

Accelerate metabolism, weight loss tricks Last minute diet: In two weeks three kilos lighter If you are terrified the moment you first put on a swimsuit and head to the beach, welcome to the great company of those who missed the chance to line dotjeraju slowly and safely. Although our co-workers, a nutritionist Darius Vranesic Bender, Sandra Krstev Barac, Martina and Mirjam Blašković Jošić from Vitaminoteka, saying that "last minute" decision to lose weight are not recommended, shared with us some tips, tricks and ideas for two weeks to lose two to three excess kilos. Without starvation, with the enjoyment of plenty of vegetables and fruits in season, our associates stress the importance of physical activity. Without it, any weight loss plan is doomed to failure - a long-lasting or ekspresan. Take every opportunity to exercise - play badminton, cycling, roll ... Or at least try as much as possible to walk or take a walk, and so "compile" an hour of increased daily physical activity. The effect of speed baby will be bigger, and the body will be in a bathing suit look better. Sandra Krstev Barac, B. Sc. ing: Forget fast food FIFA World Cup despite a wide berth should circumvent all alcoholic beverages because they are rich in calories, and to those of the worst kind: easily sweep you away, always calling for more, while lacking in nutrients. The same goes for fast food, so combinations of types of meatballs and beer no point in looking for the ideal line. Furthermore, it is wise to "humbled" at the evening meal so you can make a light dinner, and also nutritionally valuable. This is the best choice to reach for cold and warm salads made from fresh vegetables combined with boiled or steamed chicken meat, fish or seafood. The salad should be only lightly seasoned, a teaspoon of olive oil and lemon juice or low-fat yogurt and a full range of herbal spices at will. It is desirable to leave the table while youre still a little hungry for a feeling of satiety is delayed 15 minutes. If you again before the rest catch hunger, Get to the fruit that we were wise, nature supplies the best in the summer months. Martina Blašković, BSc.: Liquor is an important Although in a short period of time can not expect miraculous results, it is never too late to choose a healthier diet, which will eventually lead to the desired goal. When planning meals, even those for weight loss, do not leave out any one group of foods, but may choose less calories representatives of these groups. If you weigh the loss of excess weight, reduce the size of your portions by 30 percent. Let the foundation of your diet makes it fresh and cooked vegetables and fruits, especially the one with higher water content. To prevent fluid retention, reduce salt intake, which increased the concentration of water reserves, which are reflected in your body as even a few pounds more. Dr. sc. Darius Vranesic Bender: Deduct up to 1000 kcal For starters, you need to plan a diet so that the normal energy requirements deprives 500-1000 kcal. Thus allowing the weight loss of approximately half to two pounds a week. During child nutrition should be based on vegetables, fruits and whole grains, meat and fish, Fat-Free and low-fat dairy products. Addition of fat and sugar should be significantly restricted, as well as sweetened drinks and alcohol. It is preferable to drink spring water, which can be flavored with a little lemon, mint and lime. Imaginative salads will contribute to the variety of food, and will not overload the body of excess calories, and if we add the cottage cheese, lean meat, shrimp or fish can serve as a main meal. Instead of calorie desserts sweeter the fruit salads, as a sweetener, use stevia - a natural sweetener with no calories. Mirja Josic, Ph.D..: Do not skip breakfast When it comes to removing the excess weight, balanced diet is second to none. If you enter the daily recommended food groups in the correct proportion and moderation, then your body sit and have more time or place for the intake of undesirable foods. Skipping breakfast at the stage of weight loss is not an option, but it is wise to choose a breakfast that is rich in protein because it provides long-lasting feeling of satiety. And when the smart nutrition at the same time lose weight and reduce the risk of numerous diseases, which resort to advice best-seller who regularly recommend drastic restrictions on certain food groups or total caloric intake which is confirmed to do the damage that the body remembers and returns. Learn the important figures To help orient yourself, combined, and enjoyed the meal, we bring you the calorie values ​​of foods. Thatll be easier to include in your diet plan as part of a meal, a snack or find a good solution in case of hunger pangs. Up to 25 calories - A handful of celery sticks Whites - A bowl of green salad - More cucumber - A handful of chopped green peppers - 80 g of mushrooms - Cauliflower - Broccoli 25-30 calories - 1 small tangerine - Half a cup of watermelon - One quarter melon - 1 small tomato - 1 medium size carrot - 1 cup of popcorn - 12 pretzels 35-40 calories - 1 medium sized pear - 1 large tangerine - Half a grapefruit - Half a cup of skim milk - 50 g of plain yogurt - 3 salty crackers - Half a small banana 50-60 calories - 1 small apple - 1 small orange - 15 grapes - 12 cherries - A cup of strawberries - One quarter cup of cottage cheese - 6 green olives 65-100 - 1 large apple and 5 almonds - 2 medium sized peaches - 14 almonds - 6 small fresh figs - Bowl of fruit salad - 2 squares of dark chocolate (85 percent cocoa) - 1 small water ice lolly (sorbet) One-day menu: Who says that diet can be delicious? Breakfast Posnog 100 g cottage cheese or a glass of low fat yogurt, 100 g ananaca or pear diced tablespoon ground almonds or hazelnuts or 1 egg, fried in a little fat, a slice of whole wheat bread, 2 oz fresh orange juice Snack according to fruit Lunch Tuna in green Can of tuna fillets (in water, not oil), a bowl of cleaned and washed lettuce (can be mixed - rucola, lambs lettuce, lettuce, baby spinach leaves). Mix tuna and salad, add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (not more!), A little salt and aceto balsamico to taste. or Trout in foil Purification of trout (200 g) salt, pepper, drizzle with lemon juice. Foil, brush with olive oil and place fish on it. Sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley and dill, and arrange a few slices of lemon. Fish wrap in foil and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for half an hour. Snack Cup less fat yogurt Dinner Chicken fillet grilled Season the chicken lightly with salt and pepper and bake on the grill or grill pan. Eat a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, 5 olives, 1 tablespoon of sweet corn. or Chicken soup with vegetables Choose one type of vegetable - zucchini, spinach, broccoli, celery Bjelas ... Boil 200 grams of chicken in lightly salted water. Choose one type of vegetable. Determine the amount of your choice (do not have to skimp, because low calorie). Vegetable Wash, slice and add at the end of cooking time. Season with herbs to taste.

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