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Move the time clock change

Studies have shown that moving a very unhealthy and unsafe, and it was found that the miners a day later and had more severe injuries at work

Move the time clock change Move time to day light saving is very unhealthy! Move the winter time with daylight saving is very unhealthy for the human body, considered by some German scientists. Namely, according to Jürgen Zulleyju, who had an interview in the German weekly Die Zeit, move the clock is "useless and very insecure." S agrees Till Ronnenberg that move clockwise to the two three, describes a mans intervention into the "natural human biological clock." Studies have shown that changes in the computing time increases the number of heart attacks, and the influence of disturbances in the bodys inner clock is felt and a further seven months to restore ponovog hours. - Our body would more appropriate if the rhythm was all the time worked by the winter weather - Zulley explained. Losing an hour upward effect on people who are most active during evening and night, thinks scientist Horst-Werner Korf, precisely because it is already so difficult to get up. He added that the liver should be even a week to adjust to summer time. Similarly, a survey conducted by the behaviorist Christopher Barnes and David Wagner, who studied injuries to miners working at the 1983rd and 2006. They found that, compared to other days, as most injuries occurred on Monday just hours after the shift to daylight saving time. In addition to the injuries were serious. After the survey confirmed that the miners were on average 40 minutes less sleep. Their izdraživanje emerged in the scientific journal Journal of Applied Psychology.

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