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Induced coma, waking from a coma

Is it possible after whom speak German, French or English, and both have problems with Croatian as their mother tongue?

Induced coma, waking from a coma The mystery of the brain: Koma can kill the mother tongue Is it possible after whom speak German, French or English, and both have problems with Croatian as their mother tongue? Yes, say the experts, a confirmation of the thirteen girls from Knin, which fell into a coma due to poisoning. After waking up, talking in German, not a native Croatian language. Sparked great interest to specialists because of her familys claim that girls now speak German much better than before, taking into account its knowledge of this language school. Loss of consciousness Director of the Croatian Institute for Brain Research, Academy Ivica Kostovic, said that it is possible that loss of consciousness destroy one set of neurons and that the other becomes dominant. Cites the example of Nobel Prize winner Vladimir Prelog who, after prostate surgery, when the anesthesia fell into a coma, completely forgot the English language which is spoken all their lives more frequently than Croatian. And Elijah Rkman from the Croatian Association of consumers had a similar experience when two years ago suffered a stroke. Two years of practice - At one point I realized that something was going on with me. I did not lose consciousness, but I realized that instead of speaking Croatian and English and German. I ended up in hospital, then I had a clinical treatment and rehabilitation took me over a year ago that my Croatian becomes fair - says Rkman. He adds that even now, two years after the stroke, in the evening when he is tired, his Croatian is not correct. - Experts have told me that if you like my needs at least two years to izvježabaju other avenues of expression, in which I am convinced of it. During my recovery I heard for the case of a boy from a coma woke up speaking Hungarian who has never learned, but was at home listening to his grandparents who spoke Hungarian. Somewhere in his brain apparently is what he heard was stored - concluded Rkman. Wording True, said Kostovic, the forgetting of language are more likely suffer side, learned languages, and much less native. - Obviously, you can forget about the language in children - highlights Kostovic and adds in a coma in which they can fall, for example, during anesthesia, due to a stroke or any other reason, a second language can be forgotten or become the dominant mode of expression. Mother tongue and foreign languages ​​are usually taught at different times of life, and different set of neural circuits. In other words, sets of neurons for language learning are not identical. That is why, when damage occurs in a coma for cortex, it is possible that one language to remain, while others do not. - However, in case of loss of proficiency, usually worse going later learned the language, but it may not be in any case - said Kostovic. He explains that for motor speech center in the frontal lobe of the brain, and that the majority of people on the left (95 percent). But, says the general thing, but it also includes a number of areas, namely associative, visual, motor and parietal area of ​​the brain. Systems of neurons Academician Kostovic says, the truth is rarely, but possible damage, after which a person can not speak normally, but he can sing. It all depends on what the system is damaged neurons, and that remained. When it is damaged by a group of neurons, they are beginning to use other, similar to muscle. When the damaged one, begin to use another. When brain damage is usually their mother tongue inhibits the second language learned, but it can also happen the other way around, though rarely.

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