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An allergy to pollen, pollen pollen

Although 70 percent of people have mild or acute allergic rhinitis (which some called hay fever), much less those who will recognize their symptoms as trouble with spring pollen

An allergy to pollen, pollen pollen Curb seasonal allergies that do not turn into asthma Although 70 percent of people have mild or acute allergic rhinitis (which some called hay fever), much less those who will recognize their symptoms as trouble with spring pollen. And here arises the problem. Embarrassed by the snuffling, runny nose, tears in his, swollen and red eyes, sneezing and coughing at the time of pollination of plants many be attributed to the "spring Influenza" and considered that it was not a major health concern. It will take only or with a little help from some nose drops. Global warming - For many people struggling in the spring of such problems is considered that it was nothing important, something that should be addressed too. Wrong, because it is extremely important to diagnose allergic rhinitis, and act prophylactically - explains prof. Dr. Alma Rozman, pulmologinja from the clinic for respiratory diseases in Zagreb. - In many cases the disease may go into allergic asthma, significantly more severe and complex disease therapy. Experts increasing number of those who suffer from pollen allergies, and spend the spring with the windows closed and tissues, attributed to the increasing pollution - in combination with particulate emissions already potent pollen becomes even more potent allergen. Also, it is believed that global warming is, why pollination of plants begins earlier and lasts longer, contributing to a growing number of allergy to pollen, and of course, extended their passion for a few weeks. - All those who suspect that seasonal allergies are bothering you should consult a specialist, mostly because of the possibility that it gains in asthma. The fact is that with age, however, much more those who understand them in the spring just can not be so long and persistently tormented colds and viruses, and more, and public health actions, more information, the public is more informed - explains prof. Dr. Rozman importance of full and proper diagnosis. - We who are dealing with respiratory diseases, we believe that every patient diagnosed with an allergy to pollen, you should immediately make a second diagnosis. Certainly we do spirometry, test used to measure lung capacity and the length of the flow of air. Thus, we determine whether there is an increased risk of developing asthma. Such patients the doctor will refer you to more control and also to determine the best treatment that will help keep allergies under control. Hyposensitisation is in No matter how much scientists have been working on new drugs for allergies are not permanent solutions, magic pills that will be puzzled to learn that the immune system normally harmless particles such as pollen is not seen as enemies. - Allergies can not be cured, but still can do much more. The best Hyposensitisation which is conducted in advance of the season. This is giving small doses of allergens to reduce the reaction to them. It can really make life easier for allergic persons. And so it is extremely important if you notice symptoms of allergies, contact the specialists - said prof. Dr. Rozman. She points out that for drugs that help fight seasonal allergies apply two rules - the first is that nothing should be taken on its own, without talking to your doctor. The choice is vast, many drugs are released without a prescription and this can confuse the results can be less than desirable. The second rule is that the prescribed therapy should be taken regularly and as recommended by the physician, rather than ignore, forget or voluntarily terminated. Keep the therapy - Medication is indeed a lot. Can not compare, but it all boils down to protect the external lining, therefore, the eyes, nose and mouth from pollen and any antihistamine that reduces the reaction, so it is necessary to see that each patient the best answer - said prof. Dr. Rozman. Until a permanent solution for allergies which will need to hope, one fine day to make gene therapy or a miraculous cure-all more numerous Å¡mrcavoj army remains to be protected as much as i can prevent serious and costly complications of seemingly simple health problems. Gene as a hope for a cure A team of U.S. scientists identified a gene critical to balance the bodys defense. Their discovery could help in a few years in what is now impossible - to cure allergies and asthma. Gen. Mina is associated with the formation of certain types of immune cells (called T-helper cells), and inflammatory factors, cytokines and affects their balance. When this balance is disturbed, there are allergies and asthma. This discovery is extremely important because it tells about the basic processes that affect the "confusion" in the physical defense that is associated with the development of allergies.

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