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Pumpkin seeds calories, Growing Pumpkins

Although rich in fat, the fat composition of the present is more unsaturated fatty acids than in many other foods which are considered low calorie ...

Pumpkin seeds calories, Growing Pumpkins Pumpkin seeds for better health and good business Very often, especially at night, with a book or watching television at hand to find foods that are classified as small snacks. Wh will be for health if too salty and fatty snacks replace with something truly useful and valuable nutritionally - pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Although there is a common opinion that the seeds are high-calorie foods, and therefore, should be avoided, it should be noted that this is false images of the real state of things. Pumpkin seeds are a food basket, but that is no reason not to enjoy them. One, in fact, help to reduce the concentration of bad cholesterol in serum. Although rich in fat, the fat composition of the present is more unsaturated fatty acids than in many other foods which are considered low calorie. Thus, in these seeds about 50 percent fat occupying the unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids help to create a "good" cholesterol (HDL), which acts as a scavenger of blood vessels, while reducing the share of "bad" cholesterol (LDL). It is a known fact that the benefits of eating pumpkin seeds with men in order to prevent occurrence of prostate disease. And women are the seeds are recommended as apart from fat and contain additional valuable substances - proteins or proteins. In addition, they contain significant amounts of vitamin E, which possesses antioxidant power and is effective in the fight against premature aging and maintenance of sexual function. Seeds contain all the B vitamins except for vitamin B12 (do not contain vitamin B12, because it does not formed in plants). These vitamins help to maintain balance in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates, provide proper metabolism, proper excitability of the nervous system, and also protect the skin and other keratin structures in the body. In addition, seeds are rich in magnesium, zinc and iron. A considerable amount of dietary fiber in the seeds because that is exactly the substances that are recommended in the diet of all populations, regardless of gender and age, to maintain and ensure proper bowel movements and thereby enforce effective detoxification of the body. Of course, pumpkin seeds, most will be eaten without any seasoning, except maybe a little salt. However, we must describe something interesting that I met while staying in Prekmurje area southeast of Austria. Here I am in fact in a wine shop in astonishment looked in the twenty-products, complex and beautifully presented. It was the pumpkin seeds as a primary raw material, but each product was unique, depending on what the pumpkin seeds were coated. From the basic tastes, where the only added sea salt to obtain the salt seeds, there was all the luxury of taste, color and name. Exposed to the coated seeds and dark chocolate, cinnamon and chili peppers, called Latin Lover, then coated with green Japanese horseradish - vasabijem - called Oriental, and those coated enticing cream lavender. All in all, great product, with the box so prepared by pumpkin seeds from 80 grams sold for 4.20 euros. Good sense of business, right?

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