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Recreational Swimming

Every good swimming techniques and useful. Breaststroke and butterfly are symmetrical technique, in which at the same time perform mirror movements of the hands and feet ...

Recreational Swimming DURING THE holiday season, mostly - at least when it comes to the Croatian population - involves going to sea. A view is associated with swimming and recreational time you get a great combination. Swimming is, of course, more than a refresher: Its a great sport in a number of aspects, among others, and when it comes to kinesiotherapy and treat strokes. - When confronted by a problem of movement, always the first recommendation for children and young people to engage in swimming. It is no accident, because swimming is an ideal sport for good health and overall physical development. Practices in womens clubs, which - unfortunately, it can be said - have their own selection thresholds, as well as the primary interests of the competitive type, which affects the mass swim - explains Professor Zoran Draženović from the Centre for sports and recreational health activities (Winter swimming pool Mladost, Square sports 10 in Zagreb). All swimming techniques are good In the educational system the aim is for children to learn proper swim all four swimming techniques: breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and butterfly, along with some ancillary techniques. Each swimming technique employs specific muscle groups affects them and develop them. With poor posture, structural deformity of the spine, chest, arms or legs, each swimming techniques can actually contribute to improving the situation and advised them to combine. - It is difficult to separate terms and say that one technique is best for everyone, especially when it comes to young people. For all young people are good swimming technique - explains Professor Draženović. As for the adults that are supposed to swim in recreational and therapeutic reasons, are often recommended backstroke. It is this style stands out among all the styles at a great influence on the reduction of pain in the lumbar spine. Breathe properly? Most people who know how to swim in swimming was self-taught. How much is really important to know how to swim properly? - It is extremely important, and above all take into account the proper breathing technique. In all swimming techniques of breathing so that the air is exhaled into the water, and the head is lifted from the water just short of breath - said Professor Draženović. Why be so? If we all share a longer time swimming while holding your head up, chargeable to the cervical spine. The body then tone, and the spine as the longest organ in the human body a system of levers by pushing your hips down, deeper and deeper into the water, and thus makes it difficult to swim. It is important to establish a good rhythm and breathing to help us swim as cyclical activity, which encourages the development of aerobic capacity, gave the best performance. Symmetric and asymmetric Every good swimming techniques and useful. Breaststroke and butterfly are symmetrical technique, in which at the same time perform mirror movements of the hands and feet. Crawl and backstroke techniques are asymmetric, with alternating movements of hands and feet. In the dorsal swim easier breathing, strengthen the muscles of the upper torso and small intercostal muscles. All swimming techniques well affect the strengthening of the muscles of the shoulder belt and pelvic muscles. It is important to swim as internal organs, because the person is lying on the water, freed from the pressure of gravity. In therapeutic swimming to seek the best solution for each particular diagnosis. We were swimming nations Is Croatia swimming nation really? How many people in Croatia really knows how to swim, we asked Professor Drazenovic. The response was restrained: - Im not sure that we can characterize as a swimming nation. And those who swim frequently do not swim in a proper and satisfactory manner. One can not say that someone is proplivao really knows how to swim. Personally, I advocate for ensuring that all children pass through elementary school swimming techniques.

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