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How to reduce waist

Dissolve excess. After the 40th age of subcutaneous fat accumulates mostly on the belly ...

How to reduce waist HARD and perfectly shaped body, soft and smooth skin, sun-tan ... It is possible with a few simple exercises, the little tricks and well-chosen care products. Fat accumulated at the waist and abdomen are most dangerous to health. But the fat on the waist will melt faster if you control your fat intake, alcohol and sugar. Dissolve excess. After the 40th age of subcutaneous fat accumulates mostly on the abdomen. Care products containing active substances that mimic the effects of the action of natural hormones of our body to help limit the formation of fat reserves, and thus help to dissolve the excess. Solve the "life jackets". There will need the help of beauticians and masseuses. Hand massage or a special apparatus that stimulates muscle contraction and elimination of fat will give visible results in just a few weeks. Strengthen your abdominal muscles. Massage and its high quality products will not be enough, tighten the skin and stimulate the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, but will strengthen the muscles. For this necessary exercise - 5 minutes a day is enough, and the results will be achieved faster if you breathe properly, every gasp stegnete abdominal muscles.

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