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How to lose fat on stomach

Excess fat on your stomach if you do not recognize the time and did not change, can cause numerous health problems: clogged blood vessels, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes ...

How to lose fat on stomach You do not need the excess to the stomach HOW TO GET RID layers of fat on your stomach and prevent their adverse effects on health. Kilograms on the scales do not speak enough for themselves, is important and their arrangement on the body. Excess fat on your stomach if you do not recognize the time and did not change, can cause numerous health problems: clogged blood vessels, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. This is discussed thoroughly in the book "How to get a flat stomach - exercise and nutrition for the perfect stomach" by Dr. Michael Despeghela and prof. Dr. Armin Heufeldera (published by Mosaic Books). The book presented a program of diet and weight loss for the three groups of people: those who do not exercise, those who occasionally exercise and conscientious, regular exercisers. Fat hormone acts on the According to studies, each the other Europeans between 23 and 65 age of the average gains weight 15 kilograms, and to influence changes in metabolism, hormones, lack of movement and poor diet. Big culprit is excessive alcohol consumption, fear that they will gain weight after quitting smoking, and yo-yo effect that occurs when excess fat is trying to download very quickly, while forgetting that after the rapid removal of pounds very quickly and return . The studies confirm that stress can lead to the formation of fat in the abdomen. Therefore, exercise full social and sexual life, going out into nature and meditation good "strategy" for achieving balance, lasting happiness and satisfaction that will ultimately result in a smaller volume. Who has too much fat in the abdomen should also count the possible disturbance of metabolism of hormones. Adipose tissue in the abdomen produces hormones that can significantly distort the balance in the body. The longer neglect the fatty deposits on / in the belly, because it may still not feel so bad or you are accustomed to a big belly, your health is threatened. Tragically, the following: when the body show signs of illness, or is already too late or it is very difficult to establish normal state of health, warned. The basic steps Before you start implementing it presented six-week program, each person needs to do some preliminary work. In the book, they are referred to as motivation, knowing what it actually means to eat healthy, positive effects of the six-week program on the physical condition of the psyche, the nervous and hormonal systems, the breathing, the heart and blood vessels. The next step is out of the house white sugar, white flour and products made from white flour, hulled white rice, finished and semi-prepared meals (except frozen vegetables with no additives), sausages and whole. The road to slimness is giving priority to the quality of foods, rather than their quantity. Buy quality meat from organic farming, fish, olive, rapeseed or walnut oil, and nuts. So you get the best sources of fats and proteins. Your diet will be balanced and healthy if you are taking a lot of fruits and vegetables and non-fat dairy products and whole grains, suggest the authors. Instead of sausage, full-fat cheeses and red meat, all foods with large amounts of saturated fatty acids that contribute to the formation of adipose tissue in the abdomen, buy products made from soy, lean white meat and fresh grain cheese. If youre unable to completely give up meats, choose turkey or chicken breast. Create an inventory of leguminous vegetables such as lentils, beans, peas. Have you gotten into the habit of thoroughly studied food ingredients, especially those produced industrially. Youll be surprised how much oil, salt and sugar is in them.

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