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Proper breathing

It starts with the exhalation phase, which is the air slowly exhale through your mouth and hands pushing down ribs ...

Proper breathing Breathing is the most important function to sustain life because without food can endure three weeks, without water for three days, without oxygen for only three minutes, according Breathing is an unconscious act, we become conscious of it only when it is difficult. Respiration is gas exchange, oxygen and carbon dioxide between the external world and the cells of the human body. This task performed by the lungs, whose function is to ensure proper supply of oxygen and remove from the body accumulated carbon dioxide. To gas exchange could take place, the air through the airways into the lungs, the lung bubbles that make up the so-called. alveokapilarnu membrane whose surface is about 70 m². Respiration takes place in two stages: First Inhaling - active phase where there is a balancing diaphragm, thereby pulling the lower ribs. Second Exhalation - the passive phase of breathing that occurs without our will, because the diaphragm relaxes and re-takes the form of hemispheres. Control of breathing does the respiratory center in an extended cord. Breathe properly? When proper breathing shoulder rest. The basic principle of proper breathing is controlled by basal respiration of the brisket, calm breathing, which does not require the active work of breathing, inhalation and exhalation through the nose, a hand placed in the upper abdomen controls the movement of the main respiratory muscle (diaphragm) down. This mode often breathe breathing men, unlike women, who usually breathe extending lateral chest wall, and this way of breathing is called thoracic breathing. Both methods provide a good supply of oxygen throughout the body, in the event that the lungs are healthy. Sometimes the effort in healthy individuals, due to an inability to control breathing, feeling of pressure occurs in the chest and the "hunger for air", which is usually related to loss of fitness or weight gain. Exhalation longer than inhalation Lung patients breathing exercises requiring active respiratory work and must alternate with phases of relaxation. The basic principle of proper breathing is diaphragmatic breathing lip barrier: inhale through the nose to control the lowering of the diaphragm and inflate the abdomen below the palm, which we placed on the abdomen, and exhale slowly through the lips polustisnute voice saying "f" or "s", as we squeeze the palm of the abdominal wall toward the back. During the exercise should be extended during exhalation, which should be two times longer than inhalation. This breathing pattern should be used for mastering effort (climbing stairs, lifting or carrying loads). Lateral expansion of the chest is also possible to perform a special breathing techniques help you control your hands positioned on the lower ribs. It starts with the exhalation phase, which is the air slowly exhale through your mouth and hands push the ribs down. When inhaled retains the same pressure palms thus enhance the spread of the basal parts of the lungs. It is possible to use the belt width of 12 cm and a length of about 120 cm, which is placed around the thorax at the level of the lower ribs, front and place it in a crisis situation. The exhalation phase of the belt is tightened around the thorax, which extend our exhalation and inhalation during a gradual loosening of the belt provides resistance to the spread of lung bases. This technique can ventilate only one lung base. Exercises should be repeated at least twice a day, three series of 5:00 to 10:00 breaths and mastering techniques of controlled breathing and dijafragmalnog lead to automatic, which means to breathe "without thinking".

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