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CANDIDA BACTERIA, bacteria in the vagina

A very common cause of vaginitis is Candida. Its invisible spores, dispersed in the environment in the vagina find the ideal environment for breeding ....

You were in a relationship and suddenly you have "earned" an infection in the genital području.Nemoguće! Well, where you can "pick up"? Naturally, suspicion falls on the partners. However, sometimes he is acquitted of all guilt for the ways in which infection can pass a lot, and vaginitis are not always caused by infection transferred sexual relations. You need to know to distinguish sexually transmitted diseases, genital inflammation of a different nature. Among them are the two most widespread and most commonly diagnosed: Gardnerella, and Candida. Persistent Candida A very common cause of vaginitis is Candida. Its invisible spores, dispersed in the environment in the vagina find the ideal environment for reproduction. Warm and humid atmosphere, in fact, promotes the growth and reproduction of the dispute, and it is rich in sugar (glycogen-secreting cells of vaginal mucosa) that this fungus food. If a woman has diabetes or has a slight disorder of sugar metabolism, the situation is even more favorable for the spread of Candida in the intimate area. Candida is not difficult to recognize: there is abundant and thick discharge a whitish color (especially on the eve of the menstrual cycle), inflammation, mucosal edema, burning and itching. Source of infection is much more: from the gym and pool to the showers, locker rooms, saunas, towel, borrowed clothes and even seats in taxis, trains or clinic waiting rooms. Treatment and Care Treatment consists in causing vaginal cream or use vaginaleta based antimycotic, such as imidazole and its derivatives, five to seven consecutive days. But it is important to repeat the treatment after two weeks because Candida can destroy only during periods of slow growth, when they are sensitive to the active principle (if they are "mature" does not absorb the drug). Thus, only two, sometimes three cycles of therapy, as directed by a gynecologist (who will assess whether to treat and partners), it is safe to "target the" fungus at the right time and prevent the risk of recurrence, which is very high. Laundry and linen at 90 degrees Celsius and the use of disinfectants detergents, is achieved only slowly "cooking" the fungus, but it does not kill them because they survive at very high temperatures. What is more important is the constant adherence to general rules of hygiene and a little common sense (no sense, for instance, thoroughly wash underwear if you wear unwashed jeans) will eventually fungus present in the home setting thin and disappear.

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