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How to Lose Weight TRAINING, Interval Training

The term "fat burning zone" means the exercise intensity at which it achieves the most effective fat-burning ...

How to Lose Weight TRAINING, Interval Training Get in the zone of burning fat It has long been talking about the phenomenon of "fat burning zone". The lands in that zone trainer, in fact, achieved a higher percentage of burning calories, and to those obtained from fat. The term "fat burning zone" means the exercise intensity at which it achieves the most effective fat-burning, writes Previously, most felt that these are better and faster it can reach a moderate rather than intense exercise. But the path to perfect figure is not so demanding, for the loss of excess weight to the effort and sweat. Therefore, to effectively start your metabolism, you still have to increase exercise intensity. But no matter how. The scale of intensity Imagine your level of activity on the spectrum. At one end of the activities carried out without any stress, such as sitting or walking. When no strain, scientists have proven, the body actually burns a higher percentage of calories from fat than when you are active. The erroneous interpretation of the scientific facts lies the main reason for the magical appeal of low stresses in the zone of burning fat: does not sound great - you do not have to even work up a sweat and lose calories! But the truth is different: sitting or walking down you will not lose more weight than jumping rope or running intensive. At rest or with minimal exertion by the minute burn maybe one or two calories, which can then convert it back into adipose tissue. At the other end of the spectrum is very intense exercise that increases heart frequency well above the classical-defined zones of fat burning. During intensive activities, and the great effort the body needs energy quickly and burn fat instead of carbohydrates, because they more quickly than fat entering the bloodstream. However, intense exercise burns more calories. During the maximum stress can burn 20-30 calories per minute. A more sagorenih calories, regardless of whether they came from fat or carbohydrates, which means more lost pounds. According to the results of recent research, more intense exercise is more effective. In addition to burning more calories per minute, high-intensity exercise (such as interval training in which the turns are short and very intense exercise with low intensity exercise or rest period) released a flood of hormones, including epinephrine, which allows the body to burn calories even after you stop exercising. According to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, respondents who are 20 minutes of vigorous bike ride, thanks to the effect of burning fat after a workout, you lose more calories than those who are 30 to 60 minutes of easy riding a bicycle. From this it can be concluded that exercise in a classically defined area of ​​fat burning does not give such results. New Zone That does not mean that light and moderate exercise intensity should be entirely dispensed with. Mild exercise intensity continues to be a part of training: a warming or cooling, which helps the body move in a phase of intensive training, or getting out. Gently exercise and it is recommended to reduce stress, a positive effect on cardiovascular health, increase bone density and burn a certain number of calories. But as soon as possible to burn fat, interval training, practice. The aim is to combine an extremely short intervals of intense activity with lower intensity exercise. The new fat burning zone means the proper combination of intensity which burns maximum calories.

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