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How to download KILE Foods for weight loss and unhealthy diet

Most people are struggling to remove hernias. Are there foods for weight loss? Is it solely to blame for all the unhealthy diet?

Anthony Robbins, American University Professor of Public Health in Boston, gave a lecture about obesity, its consequences and prevention. As the problem of obesity is treated in the U.S.? - Although the United States the first country in which we observe an epidemic of obesity, and other countries have to deal with the problems of food and participating in research. For example, the Finnish North Karelia project is important because efforts to reduce the presence of meat and fat in the diet. Today the risk of any country that is exposed to increasing globalized food industry. Ironically, we live in a world where overeating and hunger coexist. Which is more dangerous problem, obesity or anorexia? - And obesity and anorexia cause serious health risks to those who have them, but that obesity is increasing worldwide, it will certainly become a problem in the future. What are the causes of the growing number of obese people? - The reason is relatively simple - the energy input is much greater than its spending. In other words, to see why some people consume more food than they need. In the United States is becoming increasingly clear that marketing is cheap and tasty food a major cause of rising levels of obesity, especially among children. What is the strategy to combat obesity? - It is tempting to say that we have to change their behavior, but not education or treatment does not affect the aggressive advertising of unhealthy foods. Thats why we, at least in the U.S., we realized that the most effective way of combating obesity was a change of behavior of large corporations. Is obesity a disease? - Obesity is a natural result of higher food intake and less activity than the ideal balance. Its simply the way people respond to the physical or "food environment". The consequences are damage to the human body that can be called diseases and disorders. What is the segment of society most affected? - Most of the poorest sections of society, those who have the least money to make healthy decisions and overpower the impact of marketing unhealthy products, products that are in the food and the most profitable.

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