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DURATION OF FOOD Best before - Identify rotten eggs

Can exceed the shelf life of food? What does the label Best before? Rely on yourself and learn how to recognize rotten eggs

When lettuce or beets "fall" leaves, bananas get brown spots, and the apple slowly rots, there is no dispute that this is a food which has passed the expiration date. Each had a skillful hostess will quickly see if meat and fish fresh or not, even when there is no odor. "Shut down" colors will reduce our desire for a delicious steak or grilled fish. View of the date by which to spend cheese, yogurt or milk gives us confidence that what we buy will not leave the consequences to our health. 50 percent discount All in all, with whether it is expensive or not, our decision to purchase often depend on whether what you buy is fresh and the product may have passed the expiration date. In fact, often we are convinced that what has expired for one day becomes a health hazard. But is not it? Experts say it depends on the type and composition of food, but also the manner of keeping. In supermarkets, we are often on fresh meat, chocolate or cookies to see labels - reduced due to the short shelf-life! Price is then up to 50 percent lower than usual. Something similar is happening with vegetables "on sale". Well open your eyes But do not look to be better known in the bag "at a discounted price" to buy the cat in a bag, because that is more than half should be discarded, the purchase could turn out very expensive. In short, when you buy a cheaper, because the "short duration", one needs to open their eyes, especially when it comes to meat, fruits and vegetables. A lot less risk to buy, for example, pasta that is at the end of the validity or some toast because it is a food which two, three or ten days, "surplus" will not interfere too much. With eggs, meat or sweets is not the case even when we keep in the refrigerator because then they have a limited shelf life. Deliberately shorter Experts warn that even with a reduced temperature in the freezer enzymatic and microbial processes do not stop, though taking place more slowly. Its about that then leads to changes in fat, protein and carbohydrates, although we are convinced that the "freezing" and freeze the process. True, sometimes the packaging manufacturers put a minimum shelf life of products, not the maximum, so one can expect that what we bought today, and for three days should end up in the trash, can consume a fifth day and that nothing dramatic happens. Mr. Marijan Katalenić from the Croatian Institute for Public Health stresses that part of the producers deliberately put a shorter shelf life of products, although it is fairly long because they want a faster turnover of goods in stores. They will, therefore, to risk the end of the validity of lowering the price, but will also provide a total of more goods traffic. True, it can happen to us that the product still has a one month validity is broken when you open it. Usually there is a poor storage, for example, to elevated temperatures, but this is another warning that we can not take anything for granted. Pune recession trade Well, say smell the milk or yogurt first before putting the spoon in his mouth, and the eggs, rather than immediately throw in the pan, a good break in the cup. In Croatia, under the laws of food which has passed the expiration date must be destroyed as well as in other European countries. However, just before the deadline passes use in the UK such food is sold at significantly lower prices in specific stores for those who because of their small incomes existentially threatened. The recession has made her even such a record store up to 500 percent more traffic. Exemption from sales in these stores is fresh food like meat or eggs, because it would so endanger human health. What will tomorrow cook In Croatia, it is common to major shopping malls is "corner for the goods which will expire soon validity", and as more of those to whom everything has become too expensive, it is not uncommon to see whats available. After all, tomorrow if you want to cook bolognese and spaghetti are half the price because for five days, "not valid", not a bad save the occasional dollar. However, one should be cautious, especially if you buy groceries a short shelf-life that we spend now. The manufacturer may not take the risk because of the law - Food that is susceptible to microbial spoilage can not be consumed after the expiry date. Regardless of the actual validity of the food manufacturers are required by law to pull off the shelf food that has passed expiration date. But is it safe after that date, depending on the composition, manufacturing process technology, sterilization, food additives, packaging

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