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Depression in women, the fear of losing control and how to treat depression

Disappointment experienced by those who try to buy happiness over the counter "raise the shops and youll feel better", because they are buying a mountain of unnecessary things are still not happy and revolve in a vicious circle ... "

Depression in women, the fear of losing control and how to treat depression In todays fast pace of life and the constant exposure to stress we are all prone to depression. Because it is suffering more than 13 percent of Europeans - speaking to the World Health Organization, which announces that the depression in the years to come become the biggest health problem. Next to it is already now spends 118 billion euros. It should be added to the frightening fact that more than half of people suffering from depression does not have a word about it in his medical records, which only confirms that most of them going through their suffering alone, or with the help of family and friends, as witnesses to the stigmatization of seeking psychiatric help . His moving story told us by Damir (37), highly educated experts, married and father of two young children. He is employed, earns enough for his wife and have a relatively decent standard, but ... - For two years the head reminds me daily that we are in recession and that it is possible that some of us get fired if you do not make profit - said Damir and reveals that he grew up in families where a lot of hard living. - I well remember that the deadbeat dad came home from work and that his mother knew how to complain: "I keep doing it, but never money." I always felt sorry for his father - remembers Damir - because I saw that suffer because we can not afford what you have other children. So Ive always wanted to be better than others in learning that my father can be proud, and so at work I try to give my maximum. I hardly affecting me because I think the heads of the threats that are addressed to me. At first I could not sleep, I began to weaken the concentration and the job that I had previously worked for an hour, now we need three. - Im behind, so I carried home job. But as my wife works as a saleswoman in a retail chain, I often had to keep the children. And I began to ignore them Id finished work. All the more haunted me feel guilty because I worked either at work or at home. I could not bear me children watch so miserable. I could not take sick leave, fearing that we will only then resign, because they certainly did not need sick - said Damir - and then I fell completely in drab, convinced that nobody needs and it is best to be there. When I was totally sunk, something snapping, you probably thought of the children, and I decided to seek help. - I requested an interview with a doctor outside working hours without a referral my family doctor, because if we are depression enrolled in a card, any chance to keep my job would be lost, and in the small community I would not welcome a psychiatric diagnosis - is convinced Damir , and acknowledges that for several months, treated with antidepressants and psychotherapy. Now he is better, and wants to believe that this is all transitory period which shall prevail, but still afraid of what you will wear a new day. - It took centuries for psychiatrists called the century of fear, because of wars and persecution of people survived, and this will be the century of depression - said prof. Dr. sc. Goran Dodig, the Department of Psychiatry, Split University Hospital and. Specifically, while the fear of the result of impending danger, depression is a real danger. Not all of the same depression. It is a condition which is different from "normal" sadness. Persons unknown reasons suddenly or gradually becomes apathetic, worried, have a sense of lack of energy, tend to concentrate, poor sleeping, eating too much or too little, is concerned about the future, I do not enjoy the events in which he previously enjoyed, neglected it, is unintelligible feelings of guilt, are often thinking about the meaning of life and suicide. - Suffers from depression between 5 and 15 percent of the population, however if the world was the only one severely depressed man, should be paid to this issue as if the whole world is depressed, because depression is the worst form of human suffering - says psychiatrist and reveals that he knew many people who have suffered a serious car accident, who were treated for malignant disease and those who have had episodes of depression, and without exception they say that their physical suffering was childs play compared to that felt during the Depression. According to Dr. Dodig sometimes depression is manifested as a set of unexplained physical symptoms, which, unfortunately, often do not understand the doctors, and often the companion of heart attack, brain tumor or pancreas, diabetes ... On the prediction of WHO that depression will become the most common disease Dodig agrees, no answer to the question: - What types of depression are growing and what is a society that destroys depression? - The most severe forms of depression occur at approximately the same rate in all countries where the research was conducted, but in a serious increase in the number of medium-level shapes. These are the ones where people are even professional work but with great effort, but their quality of life were slim, because they all their psychic energy spent on it to "fall to pieces", and they do not stay to rejoice life. The reason lies in the philosophy of life and lifestyle - sure is a psychiatrist - because money has become the dominant link in all our thoughts and actions, which leads us into a state called. chronic stress, and this is just a step away from depression. People are less likely to enjoy a sense of belonging and love, and often their own. It affects the most difficult children, adolescents and elderly people, because they can not deal with race in the acquisition of money and "impose a beauty," with people aged 35-40 years. They quickly fall into a state of depression, the elderly are particularly likely to siucidu, of which an average of five four attempts resulted in death, while young people from fleeing their depression with alcohol and drugs. - Disappointment experienced by those who try to buy happiness over the counter, "Go in shopping and youll feel better", because buying a mountain of unnecessary things are not happy and revolve in a vicious circle - says Dr. Dodig, and recalled that when talking about State of the Union usually emphasizes the gross national income, with recommendations that it is better to save or spend more, but not otherwise live. Depression is two to three times more common in women because the role of mothers and working women put in a lot more demanding situation than men and therefore wear faster. A mother who goes to work at eight in the morning and returns in eight in the evening in a constant stress is thinking what is happening with children. This situation has led to a new paradox that a man becomes komodniji and except for those jobs that women by nature takes over, pushing her duties and that he should make her life easier. - The problem is that the WHO warns of the growing problem of depression with a thesis on the necessity of a number of experts who will address the treatment, and no plans to solve the problem of chronic stress - warns Dr. Dodig arguing that there is no expert who can solve problems of a man who afraid of job loss, fear of inability to repay a loan, the fear that they will stay on the street or that whether it be drugs or children will die in a car returning to the four in the morning in a discotheque. - These are the normal and real fears. Fortunately, depression can be successfully treated. The results of treatment are better than many physical illnesses, but assuming that the treatment leads to an expert who knows how to engage in psychotherapy, is not subject to the burden lay opinions and not sufficiently tailored therapy concepts - says Dodig. It is important to begin treatment at an early stage of disease and each patient individually accessed, but the problem becomes more complicated if the disease of addiction develop depression or suicidal behavior in 75 percent of cases associated with depression. Dr. Dodig warns - Do not forget the fact that the psychiatrist may be depressed. He listens to what he tells the patient identifies himself with the same, and that it is hard to admit it, then he says, "You is not nothing", which only exacerbates the situation. Slow down! This is a summary letter, which was the 1800th was written by German psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann to his patient, a tailor in the small town of Gotha. I obviously have tips were worth gold because the tailor died 1851st in 92nd age: "Man was not created for the strenuous work and can not be exhausted its capacity without penalty. If it works because of ambition, greed and other admirable motives, defying the natural order and the body suffers damage and destruction. So what you can achieve in one day, you two. If your party can not wait, can not really expect you to be sick because of them, to burn to death, and that your wife becomes a widow and your children fatherless. - If you can not afford a little quiet and peace of mind can not accept the principle that you live for yourself first, and then only for a second, then the chance for your healing. When youre in the grave, you know that people will continue to walk dressed, perhaps not so elegant, but still appropriate. ... - If you are being persecuted, do not be calm and madmen who want to hurt you. Make only what you can do satisfactorily. If you are looking to do more than it would be good for your mental and physical abilities, although that alone does not work, then do not even agree to do what is contrary to your happiness. - Allow people to self-destructive act nepametno and harmful to themselves as they please. Allow them to be mad. But you make smarter! "

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