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Healing of masculine infertility and sperm insemination, birth of children

Birth of all children is more often unfulfilled desire of married couples. Which is cause and what is the treatment of male infertility?

A CLINIC for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Split University Hospital and, most specifically the Department of Human Reproduction, the New Year begin using the latest methods in detecting male infertility - the so-called DNA fragmentation. This is a Andrological tests for determining sperm abnormalities not currently implemented one in Croatia. These tests accurately determines the type of DNA damage, and the percentage of sperm with DNA fragmentation, and all, therefore, the purpose of detecting male infertility, which is, according to experts, the tremendous growth. The disastrous estrogen - Only twenty years ago men were the only cause of marital infertility in 20 percent of cases, and today that proportion has risen to more than 40 percent. The latest scientific studies show a progressive decline in the total number of sperm in the ejaculate, and the number of mobile and morphologically normal sperm. I remember at the beginning of my medical career, when we come to couples having trouble conceiving, first went to the treatment of women because of the supposed cause of infertility lies on her side, whether it is impassable to the fallopian tubes, infections and the like. Now the practice is such that the first "suspect" to a man, and it is sent to Spermiogram. It used to lower bound Spermiogram was 60 million, and today hardly 20 million - says mr. sc. Eager Gabric, head of the Department of Human Reproduction and assisted reproduction in the Split Clinical Hospital u.Prema studies, the concentration of sperm per year decline of 2.6 percent. What is the exact cause of this dramatic increase subfertilnosti men do not know exactly, but it is assumed that the reasons lie in the pollution of the environment and lifestyle. Men certainly pay tribute to poisoning the Earth. One of the main causes of their infertility was observed in long-term use of pesticides Dibro, who was recently banned. This is a chemical effect on the destruction of the genes on the Y chromosome responsible for the production of sperm. What is the worst, and still operates on male fertility because the port from every human adipose tissue. Negative impacts have dioxins generated by burning waste, steroids, primarily diethyl stilbestrol. It is a steroid hormone that has been used even in the protection of pregnancy and is now banned. Problem is the estrogens that are used in the meat industry, and they are "pumped" animals, especially chickens and calves. Such a diet today is bad for the man. Neither strain is not a good choice, especially genetically modified, which in itself is a source of estrogen mimics. For women this has no effect, while men are being destroyed. On the "feminization" of the stronger sex, it is proved, influence and so-called phthalates, which has the plastic, especially plastic bottles - Gabric says. Besides which, therefore, should reject the drinks from plastic bottles, for men or milk is not a good choice. How do we, in fact, explains Gabric, cows are milked while pregnant, and so throw huge amounts of estrogen, which in turn affect a mans fatal fertility. On the black list and preservatives that are found in frankfurters, pâté, salami ... Lifestyle, too, has a big role, so that men with fertility problems suggests to keep stress "under control", not to smoke, not drink, do not take antidepressants and less talk on the phone. At the Department of Human Reproduction and Split University Hospital from March are (is summer break!) Performed 150 procedures with extracorporeal fertilization success of 25.5 percent, resulting in a global framework. In addition to classical IVF or in vitro fertilization, in the Split hospital recently implemented the so-called method of microinjection. Injection of sperm - This is applied to severe forms of male infertility. Microinjection, only one sperm is injected into the egg, which, as with IVF methods, and incubated in the embryonic stage cetverostanicnog returned to the womb. Until recently it was thought that the microinjection of infertility problem solved, but when he observed that, after everything done, the embryo does not always develop as expected, they realized that maybe the issue of poor quality sperm. This is exactly what we will discover the DNA fragmentation, which begins to execute the next year - said dr. Marijan Tandara, head of the Laboratory for artificial insemination in the Split KBC. When asked how men react to the fact that the cause of infertility lies in them, we have talked to say that anyone is not comfortable, but that time, however, changing. - Infertility men are sometimes perceived as some kind of attack on his manhood. I still have these thoughts, but it is less pronounced. Before the women would come to know themselves and a few times while doctors do not make sure that they have to come with a partner because it is a problem in it. Today happens that some men simply disregard of this fact, but we politely explain to them that we must listen and accept the need to search all ended well - says Tandara.

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