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NEKTAR JUICES - Pineapple juice product label and the chemical composition

What really has the juice from the pineapple that you see on the shelf at the store? Product labels reveal the chemical composition, they should just read

If you would like to refresh your throat from the dry air, as it is difficult to avoid the already overheated offices, and left you in samposlugu, however, be careful what you buy. Specifically, the shelves are offered countless variety of soft drinks and juices that we do not really offer anything - except a little water, sugar, flavor and colored pencils. They, however, the content and declare the envelopes Tetrapak, therefore anything they do not lie, but it is advisable to read the label before you drink down in the cart. An example of such a product is Vindijino "refreshing non-carbonated Bezalkholna murky beverage made from pineapple fruit base" composed of water, sugar, pineapple base of 2 per cent, acid (citric acid), and aroma, and the envelope is a picture of three large pineapple pretty razbuduju appetite fans of this aromatic fruit. The declaration is written that the total dry matter at least 8 percent, that the beverage is pasteurized and aseptically filled, preservative-free. There are also warning that it should be stored at room temperature and opened the product should be stored in a cool and spend 2-3 days, its best to date znacenog on top of the pack. Manufacturer revealed that in 100 ml contained energy value of 134 kJ and 8 grams of carbohydrates. Pizzas cost 5 million, is certainly the cheapest, which is offered on the shelves. However, if the average educated buyer knows decipher the declaration, then you understand that for that amount only got one liter of sweetened flavored water. - This declaration corresponds to the existing regulation - said mr. sc. Jadranka Marušic, head of the chemical testing of food products and general use of the Teaching Institute of Public Health, Split-Dalmatia County. It is clear, namely that the product contains only carbohydrates, no additives, artificial sweeteners and preservatives that are also allowed in certain amounts, but if added, must be declared either on the way to the Declaration sets out a number or E states the specific chemical name this supplement. The second situation is in fruit juices - say ing Marušic - which must contain a high percentage of fruit and may not contain flavor enhancers, and color. It turned out that many people when buying not read the declaration, but according to our interlocutor as most of the chemical analysis that was conducted at this Institute showed a higher presence of pesticides and toxic (heavy) metals, no major deviations from the tolerance limits of permitted additives. Sometimes manufacturers of food products themselves bring their produce to the analysis because they want to check whether the correct fully and accurately declared, for example, domestic producers of jams and marmalades or alhoholnih drinks such as "rogacuša" or "fig", which are generally of high quality - reveals Marušic, and explains how the makers of these products only occasionally suggested that some correct aspect ratio.

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