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VENDUZE glasses Massage and acupuncture points

Venduze are heated and placed on the desired area on the skin, a flame or a pump in them, create an air vacuum them some time holding tight to the skin ....

VENDUZAMA to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians or channels through which the network round energy in the body In the period we passed by colds and flu. How successful doskočiti seasonal epidemics? One way is called a treatment venduzama. It is a method taken over from traditional Chinese medicine: use a small glass cups - venduze - which look like balls, and can have a pump. - Venduze are heated and placed on the desired area on the skin, a flame or a pump in them, create an air vacuum them some time holding tight to the skin. This procedure can eliminate colds, pain, and many other health problems. Are effective in relieving back pain and problems with the musculoskeletal system. Venduzama to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians or channels through which the network round energy - in detail explains Dr. Jeannette Gjurić, specialist in anesthesiology, resuscitation, intensive care medicine and traditional Chinese medicine clinic in the synthesis of Zagreb. The combination of needles and glass - In addition to treating colds and inflammation of the respiratory system, venduze give very good results for the entire musculoskeletal system, spine stiffness, painful stiff back, etc. Depending on the degree of pain and complexity of the problem, treatment venduzama combined with acupuncture needles - explains Dr. Gjurić. Treatment venduzama winter Dr. Gjurić often combined with warming acupuncture points - the so-called. maksibustijom, which can be run independently. This is a special chopsticks which heats the default acupuncture point. It is important to conclude if a patient has in his meridian system deficiency or excess energy. Maksibustiju use if we detect a lack of, if not redundant, because the man already has enough energy in the body, which needs to be redirected to flow properly. Simply put, it all boils down to the question of energy flows, whether good or bad. If the flow is bad, comes to the pathological changes that cause various symptoms. The goal of therapy is to return the energy flows in a normal condition. "Non-food" creates mucus Many women and children suffering from energy deficit, which is a common cause of malnutrition. Infrequent we eat, we eat too much at night, which is unnatural, and the principle of a burden for the organism, which is the energy required during the day, and not before bedtime. - Children and adults eat too many sweet, and such foods are hiding a big risk for the development of disease. Childrens bodies need energy to be able to develop, and eating such "non-food" in immense quantities, which is unable to digest it, come up with its overload. As a byproduct of these indigestible substances, there is mucus in the body. The children often appear viruses, chronic coughing, snuffling, ear pain, or pain. Problems and creates excessive amounts of dairy products, which brings extra mucus in the body. A mucus blocks all in the body - says Dr. Gjurić. Diagnosis of pulse and tongue To undergo akupunkturnome treatment, patients must undergo full review and make preliminary documentation. On examination the pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and presents detailed case history. When the language is perceived form, shape, color, scale, each corresponding to a particular functional area of ​​the body. Very red tip of tongue belongs to the functional circuit of the heart and indicates that the patient suffers from excessive palpitations. If the edges of the tongue red and thickened, it is a nervous people, while they emphasized, folded and swollen veins under the tongue in women is often associated with certain gynecological problems. Deposits in the language refers to the excess mucus in the body. The pulse is also associated with certain functional circuits - feeling the texture of the six places, and there are more than 40 different kinds of pulse. On the basis of the pulse is determined by the energy deficit or surplus and determines therapy.

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