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How do food to master stress, not increase it

Statement that a food triggered by stress, while the other helps the body to cope with it can cause a surprise for many people: What does the food with stress? There itekakve. Todays diet contains foods low in fiber, some complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, rich in fat, sugar, salt and products of animal origin

TRES is an inevitable part of todays fast lifestyle. The media usually presents it as something that only bad, but it is not true. Research shows that there is a good, stimulating stress, which brings excitement and stimulates adrenaline. The balance between excitement and relaxation, and it helps you concentrate, aim and achieve what you want. Such stress keeps you motivated, it brings you joy and lifts your spirit (ie, birth child, completion of a project, a wedding). You do not need to burn Bad stress means constant stress and constant excitement, nervousness, anxiety or tension (caused by, for example, conflicting marriage and long-term unemployment). When poorly managed it and ignore it, it can be a killer. The point at which turns into something bad, it depends from person to person. Stress is a silent killer of modern man, because if people do not release and can not manage it well, lose their ability to function, simply burn and suffer. In America there are numerous clinics for stress. We only articles in the newspaper. Stability and strength Statement that a food triggered by stress, while the other helps the body to cope with it can cause a surprise for many people: What does the food with stress? There itekakve. Todays diet contains foods low in fiber, some complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, rich in fat, sugar, salt and animal products, which increases the risk of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. A diet rich in fiber (whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables) is gradually undergoing a process of digestion and gives a stable blood sugar level, which ensures stability and strength. A balanced diet is essential to maintaining good health, but also affects the ability to cope with stress. Fuel Refined products are common in the diet (for example, white flour or white sugar), low in fiber, cause the blood sugar level falls too quickly and the brain starts firing in response to stress hormones in order to liberate the energy reserves in the body of a to increase blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that foods such as complex carbohydrates (whole grains, pulses, wholemeal bread, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables) helps reduce stress, while coffee, alcohol and refined carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, white flour, pasta and potatoes) increase the level of stress hormones. Carbohydrates are the ones that supply the body with energy, they are fuel for our body. Should form the basis of our meal, but it would be better to have a complex. WHO, World Health Organisation recommends a daily intake of complex carbohydrates is between 50 to 80 percent. Good complex Complex carbohydrates gradually undergo a process of digestion, are retained longer in the body and create an alkaline reaction in the blood (which is good for health). Refined carbohydrates enter the bloodstream quickly and produce an acid reaction. Complex carbohydrates stimulate the synthesis of hormones in the brain neurotransmitters. Thus, an imbalance of serotonin can make a person more vulnerable to stress. Serotonin plays an important role in our brains in managing stress and helps us feel good, he wrote the famous nutritionist Anthony Haynes. Victory fatigue When under stress, people often resort to fast food that gives energy - biscuits, cakes, donuts, white bread or pasta (they all contain refined sugar and flour). They give a sudden rise of energy and a sudden drop, which results to make you feel worse. If you eat just before bedtime or at night, it may increase levels of cortisol (stress hormone). Skipping meals also increases the levels of this hormone. If youre stressed or anxious, you should eat food that lowers cortisol levels. But if you suffer from adrenal fatigue (which can cause prolonged periods of chronic stress), be careful - cut or carefully Dispense the amount of fruit on the menu. Fruits contain large amounts of fructose and potassium, which is bad for people with adrenal fatigue. And do not forget - the best organically produced fruits and vegetables. Never be hungry One of the most important thing is that you do not let too glad, because it causes a drop in blood sugar, which pogodija stress. Low blood sugar levels themselves cause stress on your body and contribute to fatigue. Longer periods without food leads to the adrenal glands are working harder and longer release of cortisol to normal body function. That is why, among other things, it is advisable to eat regular balanced meals. Eating three meals a day and two to three small ("snack"), mouthfuls that are well distributed throughout the day maintaining a balance of blood sugar and reduce the burden on the adrenal glands. This will avoid the ups and downs in blood sugar. Breakfast should eat up to 10 hours, the best lunch between 11:30 and 12 oclock, a small healthy snack between 14 and 15 hours to maintain energy, and dinner between 17 and 18 hours at the latest. Eat breakfast within one hour after awakening to restore blood sugar levels, after an overnight spent glycogen stores. The easiest meal of the day let it be dinner. All meals Eat fresh, whole, preferably having natural and organic foods with no artificial colors, chemicals, preservatives or hormones.

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