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How to Print Screen - Screenshot program

Want to know how to make a Print Screen background? We bring you a simple guide that will explain how to make twinkling Print Screen Background

Want to know how to make a Print Screen background? We bring you a simple guide that will explain how to make twinkling Print Screen backgrounds. Guide for making screenshots on Windows After you select your background that you want to keep, press the PRNT SCR (located in the upper right side of the keyboard). Open Paint (comes preinstalled with all versions of Windows, and it occurs by clicking Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint. Once you open Paint, press simultaneously keys Ctrl + V. The program will appear in the copied image background that you previously selected. If you do not want to make any intervention in a photograph, click File> Save As and select the path and format in which you want it. Guide for making screenshots on a Mac To make a screenshot on a Mac, do one of the following acts: Apple (Command) Key + Shift +3 Screenshot the entire desktop, files are automatically saved on the desktop called picture #. If you need only the simplest part of the surplus to cut a program for processing photos. Apple (Command) Key + Shift +4 When the mouse arrow cursor turns and X to highlight the part you want to keep, when you release the mouse button labeled part of the desktop will be preserved against the background of an image. Press Esc to exit. Apple (Command) Key + Shift +4 and then press the Space You can choose which tab you want to save as an image.

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