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Installing the network card - How to install a network card

Network card is an integral part of every newer computer, it is almost impossible to find a motherboard that has on it the integrated network card

Network card is an integral part of every newer computer, it is almost impossible to find a motherboard that has on it the integrated network card. However, if you have an older computer that would like to connect to the internet you will need to install a network card. Retrofitting these components is very simple and ready in a few minutes. Prices of new network cards range from 50 kuna or larger. The difference between, so it is advisable to take the one with the lowest price. Such a network card will quite properly perform their primary task, which is merging with the router. Once you have purchased, install the card into a free PCI slot and turn on the computer. Newer operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and 7 in most cases will automatically install the network card. If this happens, insert the CD that came with the component and manually start installation. Click on Start> Control Panel> Network Connections. If the card is properly installed in the window should just have the icon Local Area Connection. Connect the power cord from the router to the network card and click on Local Area Connection icon. If everything is set under Connection> Status> should be Connected. Click on Properties and check the Show icon in notification area when connected. The Task (bottom right) icon appears with two monitors, which indicate that the connection has been established with the router. Good alternative to the network card can be a wireless card whose price is also less than 100 kuna, but if you have an older computer before purchasing consult with the dealer because it is possible that due to the slowness of USB ports, this card is not working properly, but there is a PCI version of the installed in your computer, such as network cards.

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