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How to compensate for a lack of vitamin B12?

How to recognize when your body vitamin B12 deficiency, and what you can do in this case?

How to recognize when your body vitamin B12 deficiency, and what you can do in this case? The most common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include loss of memory, problems with balance, wobbly gait, or a depressed mood and irritability. You can feel the numbness, stiffness or tapping sensation in the arms, legs and feet, and fatigue and loss of appetite. If you suspect a vitamin B12 deficiency, talk with your doctor. Sometimes the lack of identifiable and blood analysis, but may require additional testing. If the results show that your body vitamin B12 deficiency, this is what can you do in terms of food: First Meat and poultry. Chicken and beef liver are especially rich in vitamin B12. If you are prone to eating liver, chicken breasts will satisfy your bodys daily requirement for this vitamin. Second Eggs and dairy products. If you are a vegetarian and do not eat meat, an omelet with cheese or a glass of milk several times a week will raise the level of vitamin B12 in your body. Third Products with accessories. Vegans and people who do not eat animal products, the greater the risk for vitamin B12 deficiency. Therefore need to seek food supplements containing this vitamin - for example, some cereals and muesli and soy products that are amplified in vitamins.

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