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How do Facebook on your mobile - Facebook application

Want to know how to install Facebook on mobile phone? Here are brief instructions for installing and setting Facebook application

Want to know how to install Facebook on mobile phone? Here are brief instructions for installing and setting of Facebook applications. Although almost all cell phones come with a recent pre-installed application to access Facebook, there are still some models where there is no application installed for the most popular social network. How to install Facebook apikacije depends on phone model you use. If you own a Nokia Ovi Store go to register and download the free application. Registration is possible via computer, and once you register, you can simply SMS application to send a link to your phone. If you own a cell phone that runs Android OS Android Market, and visit with him dub the application. IPhone owners can download the application from the App Store. On the site you can download an application if you use Windows Mobile 6 OS. Newer-generation mobile phones can access Facebook and via conventional browser that is installed in the mobile phone by entering the following address:, for some older phones there is the possibility of improper display of a page. Before you proceed with installing the application it is advisable to take some of the packages offered by the surf all operators, or simply connect a wireless router at home, if the mobile has a wireless connection.

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