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Dual SIM Mobile Phone - Mobile Phone with two cards

Dual SIM mobile phones are devices that can work simultaneously on the two cards

Dual SIM mobile phones are devices that can work simultaneously on two cards. We are the most popular Chinese mobile phones are usually copies of world famous brands of mobile and can be found for a few hundred euros per classified section. The biggest drawback of these phones is that in most cases have no guarantee as to purchase directly from China, often very complicated and illogical software, vastly inferior technical properties of todays devices. Given that many of the most important yet the convenience of mobile phones are sold with two cards in the world is a very popular and are therefore the major manufacturers decided to offer models in this segment. Among the first were Samsung and LG. Since Samsung are the market several models of dual sim phones, and one of them is the SGH-D980 Duos. Recently in this market and embarked on several Nokia devices with the introduction of the lower segment having the opportunity to work with two cards.

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