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Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World - Luxury mobitelii

For the most expensive 32GB iPhone 4 in the world be ready logical question arises as many as 5 million pounds, aka the rate even 41.75 million Kunaak you would like to have the most expensive 32GB iPhone 4 in the world be ready logical question arises as many as 5 million pounds, aka the current exchange rate, even 41.75 million kuna. This is the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Limited Edition, and made only two, so hurry. Phone box is made of up to 500 perfect diamonds which together carry more than 100 cards. The rear part of the golden phone is also decorated with diamonds, specifically 53 of them are Apple logo. Main navigation button, so called. Home button, made of platinum and carries a unique pink diamond weighing 7.4 cards. But if you do not like it you can replace it with an 8-carat diamond Flawless, which comes bundled with the phone. Packaging cell phone is as luxurious as the phone itself. It was made from a single block of granite, painted in imperial pink inside, and the most expensive steering wheel. It weighs seven pounds. It, and signed by the British mobile phone designer Stuart Hughes.

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