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The best mobile phones 2010 - Best Mobile touch

The best mobile phones in 2010. were as follows: 4 iPhone, HTC Touch HD, Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, Nokia N8 ...

The best mobile phones in 2010. were as follows: 4 iPhone, HTC Touch HD, Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, Nokia N8 ... Certainly one of the most mobile phones that came out in 2010. year, the Apple iPhone 4 It is characterized by high-resolution screen, excellent camera, FaceTime video calls, a great audio player, a nice design. Minus that one can give the iPhone 4 is the high price of free sale and a waiting list to the device. Desire is actually the younger brother of Google Nexus One phone that is made by HTC for Google. Unlike the Nexus One who because of poor sales network has never lived up to our area Desire became a must have for all those iPhone for some reason does not respond. Android Froyo, support for Flash, multitasking are just some of the functions that can boast of Desire. Samsung Galaxy S is the top model from Samsung. Some of the features of the Galaxy: 1 GHz processor, graphics accelerator, 4 inch, Android OS, nice design ... Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 is the first model of this manufacturer with the Android OS. Sony Ericsson is here gained great popularity model K750 and the Walkman series, so it is not surprising that the Xperia X10 won the hearts of many users. Jednio what this phone can blame the delay in updating Android and the lack of multitouch. While the year was marked by struggles Android and IOS somehow in the shadow of other Nokia with Symbian. Problems with N97 and constant delays have put Nokias N8 uzdanica in a very difficult position before exiting. At Nokia, this time playing on other maps. In the foreground are put multimedia, and the N8 boasts the best camera currently on the market, there are HDMI output, USB On-The-Go (USB connection on the mobile phone memory), 3.5 Gorilla Glass screen, multitouch, 16 GB internal memory and a new version of Symbian ^ 3 OS ... At the end of the year came out the first models, which runs the new Windows Phone 7 OS, but due to availability of heavy they are not included among the recommendations of phones that have marked this year. In any case, each of these devices has advantages and disadvantages, but for any that you decide you will not regret it.

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