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Is my child too shy?

Is my child too shy? Shame in preschool children is not always a matter of education ...

Is my child too shy? Shame in preschool children is not always a matter of education, but it has an impact on the character with whom the father of each person. Social scientists have long believed that the greatest impact on the childs behavior is the environment in which the child grows up, but recent research has shown that the behavior is conditioned primarily genetics, and environment. In addition, the majority of children occurs only temporary shyness, which disappears as the child relaxes and meets his new surroundings. If you know in advance that your shy child found in an unfamiliar environment and unfamiliar situation, prepare him for it in advance, whether it was the first departure of the nursery, or an event where there will be many people and where there will be lively and noisy. One of the ways you can prepare your childs play. Pick your favorite doll or other toy and she plays a shy child, your child may be a parent who has to help the doll that she no longer feels ashamed, and to get acquainted with other imaginary people and children. You could get up to an incredible discovery and reflection of the child and find out what the problem. Another way is to encourage the child talking about what will happen in a place where you go in a way that the child says the potential situations that might occur. In this way, you should learn a lot about the fears and insecurities of their child. After that you tell the different possible scenarios of events that he describes. The third method is role playing with different scenarios, which can also positively affect the confidence of the child. If your child is shy, get to know her potential friends, slowly, one by one. Do not expect much from the first meeting. Maybe they will take a few to friends "clicked". Do not force visitation if you find that your attempt does not work. If friendship is successful, a high chance that your child will, with the help that child be adopted by larger groups of children. Not bad or hanging out with older children to learn socialization, while on the other hand will be his peers look to him which can in turn be good for confidence.

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