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Pregnant women, reduce back pain

Back pain is one of the problems that generally accompany pregnancy. Women often complain about it.

Back pain is one of the problems that generally accompany pregnancy. Women often complain about it. More than 50% of pregnant women suffer from these problems. Back pain during pregnancy is mainly due to changes in the contours of the female body, as the child grows and gains weight, month after month in the womb. This extra weight causes a change in the center of gravity of the female body. Major hormonal changes that occur in the early stages of pregnancy, are also one of the causes of back pain. The center of gravity of the womans body shifts forward with the growth of the uterus. Changing the position and movement, which put additional strain on the spine and back, resulting in backache. In some cases, urinary infections, which are also common during pregnancy, may be the cause of back pain. If you have acute pain in the early stages of pregnancy, immediately seek medical advice. Back pain during pregnancy can be due to a number of factors which demands immediate attention. Medication for the sake of medication should be avoided during pregnancy. You are responsible for two lives, so any medication will only be by the advice of a doctor. Exercise is a safe drug that can help pregnant women. Simply walking is the best exercise. But do not walk quickly and aggressively. Avoid slouching. Maintain an appropriate posture by using a pillow, and the basis for the lumbar spine. Cultivate by experience good body mechanics. Avoid exercise for the muscles as a deterrent to back pain. Pregnant women should not stand for long periods, while traveling or for other reasons. Do not change your sitting position too often. In the early stages of pregnancy it is necessary to get enough rest and sleep. Avoid at any cost, high-heeled shoes. This is dangerous because too much strain on the back. Furniture using a low flat stool. Also avoid longer perform household chores.

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