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Advices about health like recognising symptoms of allergies, depression, treatment of alcoholism, best medicine for migraines. Everything from healthy food to health insurence.


If something is troubling you, to express

Heart you should be good to serve life, so from an early age need to work on his strength

Fruits and vegetables in the first place Besides being good for your line, fruits and vegetables are good for your health. According to University of Florida study, people who begin every meal servings of fresh fruits and (or) vegetables introduced into the body more nutrients and less saturated fat than those who do not. Salad will fill you up so you eat less later heavy foods, the study authors conclude. Tighten the cat with you Pets have a calming effect and act as protection from stress. Research universities in Minneapolis found that cat owners have about 40 percent less likely to die from a heart attack than people who do not have a feline friend. Dogs probably have a similar effect. Allow yourself plenty of sleep The British study showed that women who slept only five hours a night have twice the risk of death from heart attack than those whose nights sleep lasts seven hours. Restricting sleep can lead to a process of incorporation of calcium in the arteries, which in turn can lead to dangerous plaque formation in the heart. Breathe clean air Common air pollutants such as soot, nitrates and metals can cause inflammation in the body. Such a condition may reduce the flexibility of the arteries and trigger for the sudden jump in blood pressure. Do you live near major roads, avoid movement in the outdoors, especially exercising, in hours when traffic is densest. Say it The stormy argument with your partner or mother can raise stress levels and blood pressure. But research shows that neither repressed what they feel will do good to your heart instead. Women who abstain to say what they think, according to a study University of Washington, are at increased risk of heart disease. So if something is troubling you, express it. Oily fish on the menu Experts recommend a daily consume 500 mg of omega-3 fatty acids to protect against inflammatory processes and reduce blood triglyceride levels. An excellent source of omega-3 are sardines - even contain 830 mg per serving of 85 grams (net weight of the usual canned sardines with oil, 115 grams). To 85 grams of canned salmon contains 650 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. Choose honey Excessive sugar can reduce the production of nitric oxide, which promotes relaxation of blood vessels, warn scientists at the University of Colorado. This can doskońćiti: replace all sweeteners, honey. Is more concentrated, so youll need it less. Research shows that people use honey as a sweetener have lower cholesterol levels than those in the main sweetener sugar.

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