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Mature skin face

Cells lose moisture, the skin becomes dry and dull. Therefore, need special care.

Secretion of the sebaceous glands are slowly diminishing in mature skin, and produces less oil, which have the function of protecting the skin. Cells lose moisture, the skin becomes dry and dull. Therefore, need special care. Very rubbing is prohibited as well as hot or cold water. Cleansing Milk. The cleaning process begin nourishing milk, which does not dry out skin. Cleansing milk and apply on the neck and décolleté. Tonik. After cleaning, you should apply a non-alcoholic tonic. It will remove any residual cleansing milk, and he at the same time tones and refreshes. The cream comprised of fruit acids, vitamin C, except that gently removes dead skin cells, skin and provide moisture. Rose water, if you want to pamper your skin after cleansing periodically instead of tonic, apply rose water with a cotton swab. The skin will act younger, and be simultaneously soft and supple.

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