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Normal and mixed

Normal skin is considered an ideal type, and its it is relatively easy.

Normal skin is considered an ideal type, and its it is relatively easy. The greatest danger lies in the fact that it is neglected. For combination skin cheeks as with a normal guy, but the forehead, nose and chin are the characteristics of oily skin. This so-called T-zone shine and it tends to get dirtier. Cleansing and toning. Many cosmetic products are suitable for normal and combination skin. To you to decide between a mild cleansing gel, facial soap or cleansing lotion. But be careful: you should avoid products containing perfumes and after cleaning do not forget to refresh your face soft tonic. T-zone. Do not use products for the care of fat and dry parts of the face. However, especially for the T-zone: mattifying cleansing wipes for removing oily shine, which occurs during the day. Piling. It is enough to do it once a week. On the deep and prevents accumulation of dirt.

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