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Sensitive and Dry Skin

Each skin type requires a different approach to care. Dry skin is thin, narrow pores and gentle.

Dry skin is thin, narrow pores and gentle. After washing the face normal soap is tense and prone to psoriasis. Sensitive skin has similar characteristics. However, it spontaneously reacts to external and internal influences, such as heat, cold and stress. It appears itchy, red spots or pimples. This type of skin is a common tendency to allergies. Additional moisture is necessary. As strange as it may sound, be frugal when washing with water, because it dries the skin. Rather use a cleansing milk, and the rest remove with a cotton swab. Then gently pat Apply alcohol-tonic. Carefully peeling. Its just one week. But at the same time forget gloves for washing and scouring. Occasionally treat yourself to a facial massage with oil of lavender or chamomile.

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