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How to protect against colds and flu?

In colder months the government flu season and flu - a disease that can quickly and easily spread if you do not wash your hands and you touch public surfaces and objects used by many after you.

The easiest way to "pick up" a disease is if you do not wash your hands often touch on the face. Disinfect your hands handkerchiefs for this purpose, which always keep in your bag. Try to touch as little as you face with dirty hands transfer bacteria to the mucosa. Let freshness Ventilate the room where you stay. It would be best to open the window every two hours to let in fresh air. Do the same things at work. Zabundajte the If you spend time in a cold, chances are youll get sick. Suitable to wear several layers, so if it will be hot - off piece by piece. Get enough sleep Sleep is very important for health because our body needs at least seven hours of sleep that could only defend against disease. Sleepy people are three times more prone to colds. Healthy Eating Your body the nutrients necessary to defend themselves against viruses. Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, if necessary, rely on dietary supplements. Also increase the intake of nuts.

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