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Home remedies with aloe vera

Home remedies with aloe vera - remedy for acne, body, herpes ...

Preparation for Acne - Rub the gel on the affected area twice daily. The situation will improve within a week. Preparation for the body - splat aloe leaf, remove the gel and rub it on the entire body. Rinse off after twenty minutes. Youll feel the difference immediately. Herpes - Apply aloe vera to the affected area twice daily. The symptoms will subside after one day and disappear after a week. Nappy rash - after a warm bath, massage the affected area, aloe vera gel. You will see results after only three days. Eczema - Create a paste using the leaves of aloe vera and apply it on dry skin three times a day. You will see results in one month. Skin cancer - Apply gel liberally to affected area. This will prevent the spread of tumors. The results will be visible for three months. Wounds and scratches - Easy rub gel with a wound or scratch twice a day. Improvement and healing will be noticeable within three days

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