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How to apply makeup-tips for black women

Select the basic makeup closest natural color of the face and apply it sparingly (little by little).

The basic makeup. Select the basic makeup closest natural color of the face and apply it sparingly (little by little). Use the wand to the ears of the basic makeup application. The product should be applied in small quantities in the middle of the forehead, cheeks and on top of the nose and chin. In order to properly fit, use a sponge and light circular strokes. The eyes. The shape, depth and color to consider when you emphasize your eyes. A simple trick is to apply the eyeshadow is light and easy starting from the inside, and almost half of the eyelid and then begin to deepen darker color as you approach the outside of the eyelid. Brown and gray color applied to the edge of the eye because it will expand the eyes and give them depth. Blush should be applied to the upper part of the cheek to point out a smile. Many women do not use flush well and it gives them an unnatural appearance. The lips. First, pull Line lips with a pencil and then apply the brush to the lips and apply lipstick or gloss. Use the brush to ensure better control and exploit you a small amount of product.

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