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What is the color for the floor?

Colours mainly determine the mood of the space. It is therefore important to choose the right color combinations.

Colours mainly determine the mood of the space. It is therefore important to choose the right color combinations. Color, light and space to a large extent influence each other. The colors of the floor, ceiling and walls have a substantial impact on the visual impression of space. The space can apparently do it bigger, smaller, wider, narrower, higher, lighter and warmer. Bright colors enhance the space as it reduces dark. It is well known, but what is the effect of the floor? Pale floors: If you have a dark area that you want to brighten, select a light floor. Pale floors reflect light. This will make the room lighter and it enlarge. Light colors reflect purity and peace and make the room timeless. Combined with the cool colors of the walls can create a sober effect. But do not overdo it: in the north and west the following applies: the whiter the floor, the cooler atmosphere. The dark furniture and light wood floors combine and create surprising effects. In addition, pale floors can be combined very well with many colors. Dark floors: Dark floors are the ideal starting point to create contrasts. They can be combined perfectly walls in light colors or with other dark colors that are used to highlight and equipment. Avoid harsh white and choose a shade of white or completely contains a few other colors. The space can be revived by adding colorful accessories. Too many dark colors will result in a bleak effect in which the lack of light and atmosphere.

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